Cinnamon vs. the Gigantic Beetle

My mom went on a walk with my sister a few nights ago and when Cinnamon came back she saw me on the couch, came over to me, stared at me with this strange look on her face, and started licking my fingers, lick, lick, lick. I was like ew, that’s nasty!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While that happened, my mom and sister came in, half-frozen to death and they said that they saw a huge bug outside.

Apparently, while they were all walking, it was all going pretty well, til my sister saw Cinnamon speeding up. She was freaking out! Something was scaring the crap out of her. Now, Cinnamon normally goes pretty fast outside at night, like she’s in some kind of race, but this time she went even faster. She didn’t stop to pee or poo anywhere. Weird!

My mom and sister were stumped and they thought it was weird that she started running around in circles going at her paw like no tomorrow. At first, they thought she just had this really bad itch, but then they saw it— it was a huge bug, the size of a golf-ball and it was attacking Cinnamon.

My sister said, “Ew, that’s nasty!”

My mom said, “That thing is huge!”

Cinnamon just wanted to get the dumb thing off of her so she flung it in the air, but then it landed on her nose so she was going even crazier this time! She’s like ahh, get it off, get it off! So, she shook her face swish, swish, swish and sure enough that stupid thing was gone. This time, who knows where it went, but Cinnamon ran off quickly to get the heck out of there. She didn’t wanna do that again!

There are some pretty huge bugs out there when you’re trying to walk at night. I know that for sure! One time, I was walking out there in my flip flops! I’ll never do that again! There were so many crickets on the floor I felt them crunch as I stepped on them and then a few of them jumped on my feet. I could feel them crawling on me. It’s disgusting! I can see why Cinnamon was freaking out, it could’ve been a cricket for all we know. She hates crickets!

Cinnamon sure took care of that thing! I don’t think that bug will ever cross paths with Cinnamon again after that encounter, no way! Cinnamon is so hardcore sometimes, but other times she’ll freak out and run away like a scared little kitty-cat, even at teensie, tiny little bugs. She’s a lot like my sister, who hates spiders—big or small!

After that my mom and my sister just wanted to get back inside and Cinnamon led the way. She’s like I don’t wanna do that again!

Later, I asked them what kind it was, but my sister said that she was just glad that it didn’t attack them next. She knew it wasn’t a spider though. She said it looked more like beetle. I hate the beetles that come out at night! You think the crickets are bad, the beetles are even worse! They’re gigantic! Poor Cinnamon! No wonder she came inside after the walk giving me this scared look on her face and started licking my fingers. That bug scared the crap out of her!