Cinnamon vs. Herself

Tonight, right after going on a walk, Cinnamon ran inside, got some water, and right as she was running through the living room she stopped…

She saw something pass her by in the corner of her eye. She instantly walked back slowly and looked to her left and then suddenly she inched closer and found a dog that looked exactly like her! She’s like huh, what the heck is that?

She was looking at her reflection! It wasn’t a mirror that she was staring at though, she was staring into our old stereo cabinet!!photo-9

She did not move from that spot at all. She was so mesmerized. I wonder if she knew she was looking at her reflection or if she really thought there was a dog in there, but she was glued to that cabinet. Funny thing is, it’s an old stereo cabinet that’s been at my house since before I was born (many many years ago) and it has a record player in there. Maybe she wanted to have a party and listen to some music. Too bad we don’t have any records anymore, or else I’d do it in a heart-beat.

After awhile, I looked down and she somehow got closer to it and was really eyeballing the thing down. I think Cinnamon’s going crazy either that or she’s just lonely. She didn’t budge. She was so fixated on that spot that she didn’t even notice that my sister was taking a picture of her.

Then, I said, “Cinnamon, watcha looking at baby?”

When I said that she looked back at me with this blank stare on her face like she was saying I don’t know, then she went straight back to looking again. She’s like this is so weird there’s another dog that looks exactly like me.

She has stared into it like this before, but not in a long time. The first time she did it she was barking at herself and growling. At least this time she didn’t bark at it again. I don’t know why she started doing it again, but it was funny watching her do that. If she wanted to she could stare into it all day.

The only thing that got her away from that stereo cabinet was when my sister brought in some Cheez-Its. Then, she was eyeballing that for the rest of the night. haha Of course! Cheese trumps everything!