Cinnamon are you sleeping on my phone again?

I was sitting on the couch and I couldn’t find my phone anywhere. I looked in my pockets, on the couch, on the floor, in the kitchen. Nowhere in sight!

I was checking around the couch and I said, “Cinnamon are you sleeping on my phone again? You’re always sleeping on it! Can’t you sleep on something else?”

Cinnamon didn’t hear a word I just said cus she was dead asleep, so I picked up her little face and checked underneath, but no phone. Itwasn’t there! Weird. After that I had no clue where else it could’ve been, so I looked up at my sister and said, “Hey, Em I can’t find my phone!”

Two seconds later, she pulled out her phone and said, “I’ll just call your cell with mine. Bye!” As she said that, she was half-way out the door trying to go to church.

Then, a few seconds later, I heard it—it was a very faint, hard to hear, ringing sound coming from Cinnamon’s tummy! It was my phone! It had to be, I know that ringtone anywhere!

Cinnamon was sleeping on top of phone and it was jammed so far underneath her belly, I couldn’t even see it! Jeez. She’s not that big of a dog, but she sure can hide stuff pretty well!

At least I found it fast, sometimes it takes me forever to find the dumb thing! The hard part was trying to get to it. It was not east at all! Cinnamon was still sound asleep, I swear she can sleep through anything!! So I gently picked her up slowly trying not to wake her, then I shoved my hand under her body til finally I felt it and pulled it out. I was like Yes I got it! Then, sure enough, I accidentally hit Cinnamon’s head with it!

Suddenly, Cinnamon popped her head up going huh, huh, huh? photo 1She was staring at me pretty close with her big fat googly eyes freaking out. She was not happy that I woke her up.

Then, I said, “Cinnamon you did have my phone! I knew it! Aw, forget it just go back to sleep!”

She still stared at me for awhile getting all angry and upset with me, then she rolled over to the side, and fell back into a deeper sleep. She was probably mad that I took the phone away, I don’t know why she likes sleeping on it so much! Oh well, she just loves cuddling up next to random stuff on the couch. When there isn’t anything there to sleep with, she gets angry. She sleeps next to my books all the time!

She even has this cute cat stuffed animal named Chip that she sleeps next to. She has a cat buddy, which is weird since she doesn’t like real cats, at all! You’d think she’d rip that stuffed animal cat to shreds, but she cuddles with it, like it’s a pillow. haha She has also slept next to a kleenex box, my laptop, my hair brush, and this morning I caught her next to my blue wii remote. I guess she wanted to play a game with me! She is one strange dog, but I love her very much! Can’t wait to see what she does next!