Cinnamon are you eating the potato I just dropped on the floor?

I was in the kitchen making some mashed potatoes from scratch tonight. It was kinda fun cus I have this easy recipe and the mashed potatoes always come out extra fluffy, garlicy, and soft. They were so heavenly!

Anyways, while making the potatoes, I was about to mash them with a hand blender and I accidentally flung over this huge piece of potato down on the floor.

I said, “Whoops!” It landed somewhere by my feet, but I didn’t pick it up. I just decided to keep making my mashed potatoes and pick it up later.

A little later, I was about to put the mashed potatoes on the table when all of a sudden I see Cinnamon standing there right by my feet eyeballing that piece of potato. She started going sniff, sniff, sniff, and she was about to grab it in her mouth, but I stopped her before she got it. She’s like aw man, so close!

I said, “No way are you getting this Cinnamon! Go eat your own food!”

So, she walked away all angry and upset. She’s like, but I just wanted to taste it! I made sure she was gone and then I kept making the rest of my dinner.

photo-3Finally it was time for dinner, so my sister walked in the kitchen, saw Cinnamon, and said, “Hey, Cinnamon what are you eating?”

When my sister said that, I instantly looked up and said, “Cinnamon are you eating the potato I just dropped on the floor?”

Sure enough, she was sitting there, a little ways over in the living room, chomping on the mashed potatoes I dropped earlier. haha She must’ve really liked them cus she scarfed them down pretty fast! Jeez, she’s pretty sneaky! I don’t even know how she got past me, but she did. Silly nut! She must’ve really wanted that potato.

Only thing is, right when she was about to finish the last part of it, she stopped in mid-air, popped her head up, stared at me like a deer in headlights, and then she walked away.  I was like hey, aren’t you gonna finish that baby? She’s like nope I’m done! Great, of course she leaves the last bit of the potato in the living room. My mom almost stepped on it and then she said, “Isn’t this a potato?”

I could not stop laughing! Then, I said, “Yeah, my bad!  I guess Cinnamon wanted some of my mashed potatoes, too!”

Wow, Cinnamon really liked my potatoes, well most of it anyways! I don’t know why she left that last part behind. Maybe it was too salty for her. She has been more into vegetables lately– like peas and carrots. It’s weird, the other day, she was eyeballing me while I was some of my peas, so I dropped one down to her, thinking she wasn’t gonna eat it, but she did! She loved it! She even started begging me for some more! I was like ew Cinnamon I don’t even like peas that much. haha Later that night, she stared at my sister all googly-eyed when she was eating peas and carrots, too. She sat right in front of her, gave her “The look”, and did not stop watching my sister til she was done with it. Cinnamon is so weird! She never liked that stuff before! I know for sure she doesn’t like broccoli though, cus she takes one look at those and runs the other way!

Maybe Cinnamon is turning  into a vegetarian! Who knows but it’s funny watching her do that!

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