Cinnamon do you mind I’m trying to eat my Pringles in peace!

Tonight, my sister and I watched Big Hero 6, which is an awesome movie by the way. Half-way through the movie, my sister decided to eat some Pringles. The second my sister sat down to eat them on the couch Cinnamon came right up in front of my sister, sat down very close to her feet, and started giving her the Death Stare. photo-7She just sat there and didn’t move.

She’s like I’m getting those chips this time and if not I will stare you down til I get’em.

After awhile, my sister looked down at her and she was still giving her the Death Stare. haha She would not budge from that spot, so my sister said, “Cinnamon do you mind I’m trying to eat my Pringles in peace!”

Cinnamon sure didn’t care about that. She just got closer and by then her eyes were bulging out of their sockets and she was licking her chops. She must’ve been hungry. My sister and I didn’t really give her any snacks tonight. No wonder she was begging my sister for food. Earlier, she was also staring at my sister from far away on the floor, while my sister was eating Doritos. I guess she wanted some of that, too. She’s a nut! All because we didn’t give her any dog treats! Of course!

Cinnamon kept staring at my sister’s every move while eating those Pringles. She’s like I just want one taste, just one taste of that bbq goodness in my mouth and that’s it I’m done.

When my sister was almost done eating them she said, “No way are you getting these! They’re mine!”

After she was done with the Pringles, Cinnamon followed her in the kitchen watching my sister put them back on the table. By then, she was like aw man, now I can’t have any chips. She was so sad.

When my sister sat down and we all started watching the movie again, Cinnamon started eating her dog food. haha You could hear her going chomp, chomp, chomp. Jeez. I  guess Cinnamon gave up and decided to eat the rest of her dog food. I think she would much rather be eating the good stuff like chips, cheese, or chicken instead.

Cinnamon vs. the Skateboarder

I was off taking a pretty good walk with my sister and Cinnamon a few days ago and it was actually going pretty well for once. She has been such a pain lately. She’s always pulling us in different directions, not listening to us, and getting out of her leash. It’s driving me crazy!

This time she was doing pretty well. We even got to get our mail for once. Normally, she never likes going down our street. Never. She’s always running off to other streets, which is fine, but not when we want to get the mail. So, we got it this time and I was carrying it in my hands and trying to hold Cinnamon all at the same time. That was a huge mistake! Plus, I was talking to my sister so I didn’t notice that this young skateboarder guy was coming our way.

0126151141-00Then, two seconds later, it was all over. Cinnamon started barking, but this time she got away from me!! She just slipped through my fingers and ran off. She went flying and was gone. She’s like see ya later! Boy can she run fast!

I said, “Ahhh, Cinnamon! No!”

I was half scared out of my mind that she was gonna run away and half worried that she was gonna attack that guy. I didn’t know what she was gonna do. So, she ran straight to that skateboarder, barked at him, and started jumping all around his skateboard. That guy was taller than Cinnamon, so she couldn’t reach him. It was so funny! She’s like go away, go away! Yeah, that’ll scare him off!

If there is anything that Cinnamon hates more, it’s skateboards. She just doesn’t like them. So, she barks at them any chance she can get. I can see why, there’s always so many skateboarders around my neighborhood.

Anyways, my sister went over to them and picked Cinnamon up and then the barking stopped and it was all over. Sheesh, I never wanna do that again! That scared the crap out of me!

While that happened, the skateboarder guy, picked up his skateboard and as he started walking by us he kept saying, “Sorry. My bad. I’m so so sorry!”

Wow, I didn’t see that coming! No one has ever done that before! Normally, the people that Cinnamon bark at either make a joke about it and laugh or get angry and walk away quickly acting like it was our fault that Cinnamon was going crazy in the first place. This guy was actually nice!

We said sorry back to him and walked back inside. Man, that was embarrassing. I hope Cinnamon doesn’t do that anymore. Silly dog!

Cinnamon did you drop my computer on the floor?

While I was in the kitchen trying to talk to my sister, I heard a loud—BANG in the living room. That scared the crap out of me.

Then, all of a sudden I heard my mom say, “Paula come in the living room quick! Cinnamon did something!”

At first, I had no idea what happened. I thought for sure something bad happened to Cinnamon or that she ran into my cup of water that was sitting on the couch and it spilled all over my books. That would suck!

I ran in the living room and then I found Cinnamon sitting right behind my new pillow on the couch. Then, I was wondering where my labtop went and sure enough I looked down and there it was—upside down on the floor.

I said, “Cinnamon did you drop my computer on the floor?”

She gave me this huge sad, guilty look on her face and she was like I didn’t do anything, I was just laying here minding my own

After she looked at me like that I couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny. She totally did it! My mom said that she jumped on the couch and was trying to shove her head behind my new pillow to get a spot on the couch and take a long snooze. She’s always doing that, but this time she bumped into my labtop and it flew on the floor.

Why did she have to drop my computer on the floor? Why couldn’t she just drop my pillow on the floor instead? Jeez.

I got so lucky though! My computer landed right on some soft covers on the floor.

Now, Cinnamon is staring at me while writing this blog. I don’t think she wants me to write it at all. She’s like hey stop writing about me and play with me instead! Haha She’s always doing that! Well, I better go before Cinnamon starts nudging my hand with her cold wet nose for some cuddles!

Cinnamon, the Neighbors Next Door, Motita, & Lots & Lots of Dog Treats

Today, I took Cinnamon out on a small walk around the neighborhood and boy was she going slow. Then, out of nowhere, when I was trying to throw away her bag of poo she started picking up speed. I was like whoa where are you going in such a hurry?

Then, when we got around the corner getting closer to the front of my house, she saw our neighbor Alicia next door and ran right up to her trying to get some cuddles. haha Silly nut, no wonder she was going so fast, she knew our neighbor was outside. She loves Alicia, especially since she gives her cuddles all the time! The one person she likes most though is Elsie, who is a very sweet Mexican elderly lady who lives next door, too. She only speaks Spanish, but Cinnamon doesn’t mind! She loves her so much that she started looking around for her, she looked in the patio and through their front door, but she wasn’t there.

photo-5Cinnamon was sad cus she couldn’t find Elsie so she ran inside their house! It was so funny! She stood there by the door and I was like Cinnamon where’s Elsie baby, where’s Elsie? Then the next thing I know, Alicia called out for Elsie to come by and sure enough the second Cinnamon saw her she went nuts! She quickly ran over to her and was like yay, yay, you’re here, give me cuddles, give me cuddles! I definitely see Elsie as Cinnamon’s grandma!

Elsie started giving her cuddles and said, “Aw, Cinimon!”

After that, they invited me inside and I got to see they’re house for the first time and Cinnamon had never seen it either so, the second I let go of her leash, she went running around their house. She liked it so much that she ran straight  into their bedroom where their teensie white fluffy dog Motita was running around with her. They were having so much fun!

While that was going on, Alicia said, “Cinnamon must’ve really wanted to see our house!”

It’s true we’ve never seen they’re house before so she was so excited to run around and see everything. She even made her way to the kitchen found the water bowl and started drinking from that too. haha She even snagged a few pieces of Motita’s food.

Alicia said, “Cinnamon must be thirsty!”

I was like, “Cinnamon you silly nut!”

It was so funny! We all started laughing. It was nice to hang out with them. Cinnamon loved it in there! I bet if she wanted to she would stay there all day or she would move in with them! haha

After running around the bedroom and the kitchen, Cinnamon stopped—she sat down, and started staring up at this jar and didn’t stop looking at it. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing? Then, Alicia noticed that it was a huge jar full of their dog treats! Of course!

Alicia started laughing and said, “Wow, Cinnamon you already found the dog treats that was fast! Ya want one?”

Then, as she picked up the jar, Cinnamon kept staring at it. She’s like–SNACK, SNACK, SNACK! She wanted a dog treat so badly. Alicia was so nice. She picked out one of the treats and gave it to her, then Cinnamon ran off and started chomping it down as fast as she could. Then, she went back for seconds! She ran up to Alicia, sat down, stared her down with the look, and it was all over by then, Alicia gave in quickly and gave Cinnamon another one. Cinnamon ran off with it and was like yes! Man, Cinnamon is good!

Sitting under one of the chairs, eyeballing Cinnamon, was Motita, who was like hey I want one, too! So, Alicia gave Motita one dog treat and said, “Ok Moti, here’s one for you, too!” Motita grabbed that piece and sat there eating that one piece for the longest time. She was eating very slowly. While Cinnamon, on the other hand ate like 4 of them. She ate them so fast! Alicia just kept giving them to her haha. No wonder she likes the neighbors so much, they spoil her! Plus, she was giving Cinnamon the one dog treat that we used to give her all the time. She’s like yum more, more more!

Moti was so jealous that she started growling at Cinnamon. Moti hated that they were giving Cinnamon all the attention. She’s like what about me? So, Alicia had to pick her up and hold her while she started petting Cinnamon again and while Alicia gave her all those treats! Man, I can’t believe they gave her so many of them! I only give her a few at night, so she must’ve been inheaven when Alicia kept giving them to her.

Then, when I decided to go back home, I started saying bye to them, but Cinnamon wouldn’t budge. She’s like but Paula, I just wanna stay for 5 more minutes, please? It was so cute, she wanted to play some more and get some more dog treats probably, but I decided it was time to go, so I finally had to pick her up since she wasn’t coming with me and we all said bye. Cinnamon was so sad and depressed when I went back home. She’s like aw man, I wanna go back!

It sucks though cus they’re gonna move pretty soon to a different part of town. I’m gonna miss them so much they’re fantastic neighbors! I know Cinnamon will miss them, too, especially her grandma Elsie next door-Elsie who’s always giving her so much love and cuddles! Cinnamon would probably go with them if she wanted to.

Cinnamon vs. A Gigantic Bull-Dog & A Guy in a Red Shirt

Today, Cinnamon, my sister, and I went out for a walk together. It was kinda nice cus there wasn’t anyone outside and there was a nice cool breeze running across my face. It’s been like an oven out lately so that was a nice change!

image-19The walk was going pretty well. Then, all of a sudden, Cinnamon jerked me across the street. I was like ow that hurts! She started heading for the back end of the park. She loves going there lately and so do I. She loves to sniff, sniff, sniff everything in site and pees every chance she can get.

So, while we were walking back there, my sister and I were talking and Cinnamon was starting to poo in the grass. Then, this cute guy in a red shirt started walking his huge, gigantic beast-like bull-dog on the other side of the street and at that moment I knew it was all over. The second Cinnamon saw that bull-dog she went crazy! She stopped pooping and then started pouncing at the guy, she’s like let me at, let me at em, all while my sister was trying to pick her up off the floor.

I’ve never seen Cinnamon go so crazy before! She was running around in circles all angry and upset and trying to get out of the leash. She must’ve really hated that dog! While that was happening, the cute guy in the red shirt was like I’m getting out of here and started walking away as fast as he could towards another part of the park.

After that, my sister picked Cinnamon up and sure enough she stopped barking and was calm. As we all walked away Cinnamon still gave that dog a piece of her mind. She was growling low under her breath.

When she did that I said, “Cinnamon you can’t pick a fight with that dog. There’s no way you’ll win. Just forget it!”

Later, everything was going fine, Cinnamon was back on the floor and we were all on our way again. Cinnamon would— Stop and then go, STOP and then go. Sheesh, it was tiring. She’s nuts!

Then, as we were walking down this one street trying to get back home, Cinnamon turned her head and STOPPED dead in her tracks. There right in front of us again was that same bull-dog with that cute guy in the red shirt, so she started barking like crazy again. Haha Of course it was the same dog! I can’t believe it! I don’t know how that guy got there so fast, but he did. So, we picked up Cinnamon as fast as we could and high-tailed it out of there. I didn’t want Cinnamon to pick another fight with that gigantic bull-dog again. No way! Cinnamon wouldn’t stand a chance! Cinnamon didn’t care though, she just wanted to go after that dog and attack!

Later, there was another cute guy walking his dog right in front of our house and it looked like a white version of Cinnamon. It was so cute!! Cinnamon sure loved that dog! Now, at first, we didn’t know what Cinnamon would do with that dog, but she just ran up to her and they both started running around in circles going sniff, sniff, sniff to each other. Haha I think Cinnamon has a new friend! I fell in love with that dog and so did my sister. I guess that wasn’t so bad!

Man, Cinnamon’s so weird, one second she’ll be trying to make friends with a cute dog her own size and the next second she’ll be barking like crazy at some huge dog that’s way too big for her to pick fights with. Silly dog! I wonder who she’s gonna bark at next!

Happy Valentine’s Day from me and Cinnamon!!!!

Cinnamon why are you sleeping right there? There’s no space!

My sister came back home from a long day of student-teaching at 4 pm and she was exhausted. She was so out of it that she decided to take a nap on the couch. She picked up her purple pillow and took my spot on the couch.

While this was happening, I was in the kitchen trying to get some carrots cus I was hungry. When I came back in the living room my sister was laying down playing on her iPad and starting to fall asleep.

All of a sudden, Cinnamon started staring at my sister from the stairs. That sure scared the crap out of my sister! She didn’t even know Cinnamon was up there. Then, Cinnamon noticed my sister sleeping on the couch, so she ran quickly down the stairs and ran right next to the couch and sat down right in front of my sister, staring her down with her big googly eyes.

She’s like I wanna spot on the couch, too! My sister started laughing and she said, “haha, Cinnamon, no way are you getting up here! There’s no room!”

The next thing I know, Cinnamon is leaping through the air and landed right in front of my sister’s face. She curled up in a ball and started sleeping next to my sister. haha I could not stop laughing. My sister started busting out laughing, too. photo-4

Then, my sister said, “Cinnamon, why are you sleeping right there? There’s no space and I’m trying to sleep! Do you mind?”

No matter what we did, Cinnamon did not budge from that spot! She’s like no way I’m moving from this spot, it’s mine! In fact, she laid her head down and stayed there. I don’t even know how she got in that spot in the first place, cus there wasn’t any room at all, but she definitely shoved herself in there pretty good. Later, I noticed that she was cuddling up next to our remote control for the TV. Maybe she wanted to curl up and watch a chic-flick on TV with my sister and get some cuddles.

My sister really couldn’t sleep after that happened cus two seconds later, Cinnamon popped her head up, turned to the left, and started eyeballing her. It was so hilarious cus she was staring right in my sister’s face.


Then, just to be funny, my sister stared back at her the same way. 

My sister was like, Cinnamon quit staring at me! Cinnamon kept doing that for the longest time. Cinnamon would not stop looking at her. She looked like a deer in headlights. She’s like hey give me cuddles, give me cuddles please? Silly nut! I guess she really didn’t want my sister to sleep either that or she wanted my sister to play with her.

Geez, Cinnamon is hardcore. When she wants a spot on the couch, you better watch out cus she’ll get it no matter what, even if someone is sleeping on the couch!

Cinnamon, My Aunt, and Lots & Lots of Belly Rubs

My aunt came by to visit us tonight and decided to drop off a few things for my mom whose been sick with a nasty cold virus for awhile now. The second she knocked on the door, Cinnamon was right there sitting by the door waiting for the moment when she’d finally come inside. She was so excited she didn’t know what to do with herself. Cinnamon loves it when one of our aunts comes over for a visit. She loves them so much! It’s cute! I’m glad she does, it’s like Cinnamon’s part of the family!

So, when my aunt finally got inside, Cinnamon jumped right up in front of her and started bouncing around her legs. Jeez, Cinnamon almost wouldn’t even
let her walk inside. She was like a crazy energizer bunny that wouldn’t stop running around. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing? She was so happy! She’s like yes, you’re here, you’re here! My aunt was like, “Whoa, Cinnamon hi!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy aunt decided to stay for awhile and talk with us a bit. The second my aunt sat down on the edge of the couch, Cinnamon ran over to her and made a gigantic leap on the couch with her long springy legs and curled up in a ball right in front of her. She was like give me cuddles, give me cuddles, please? My aunt gave in right away and started petting her belly. Boy was Cinnamon in heaven after that! She was like no way am I moving from this spot! She was glued to that seat! No wonder she likes it when my aunts come around, they always give her cuddles! haha  She’s like oh yeah, this is the life!

It was so funny cus every time my aunt would stop giving Cinnamon belly rubs and start talking to us instead, she’d pop her head up, nudge my aunt’s hands with her nose a few times to get her attention, and start staring at her til she got some more cuddles. Silly nut! She was so jealous! She’s like hey why’d ya stop? So, my aunt would look down at her and go, “Cinnamon, you’re so cute baby!”

After awhile, my aunt said she had to leave, so she got up from the couch and started walking towards the door. The second she did that, Cinnamon got all sad and depressed! She’s like don’t go, don’t go! She had the saddest look on her face I have ever seen! Poor baby! I guess she really didn’t want my aunt to go home. She’s like stay and give me even more belly rubs!

Cinnamon watch out there’s a bee on your back!

This morning, early in the morning, my mom slowly opened the door to my bedroom and Cinnamon jetted out the room and down the stairs. She was so excited cus my mom was gonna take her out on a walk today! She’s like yay, walk, walk, walk! They do it every morning, but Cinnamon loves going on walks with my mom. Whenever my mom can’t do it, Cinnamon gets all sad.

image-16My mom said that today a bee came out of nowhere and landed right on Cinnamon’s back and my mom said, “Cinnamon watch out there’s a bee on your back!”

That sure scared the crap out of Cinnamon! She’s like ahh, get it off get it off!

That would freak me out, too! I hate the bees that come by through our neighborhood. They’re wasps and they’re everywhere. They’re always flying around us when we’re walking outside.I guess this one got tired and decided to snag a seat on Cinnamon’s back and take a ride around the corner. haha Cinnamon sure didn’t like that idea. She started running around in circles trying to get the dumb thing off. That didn’t work! Man, was that bee holding on for dear life.

The next thing I know, my mom flings it away with her hands and then it was gone. Alright mom! That was pretty good! I didn’t think she was gonna do that! I don’t even think I would’ve done that.

My mom said that she wasn’t gonna let anything hurt her baby. How cute! Jeez, my mom is pretty tough! Cinnamon on the other hand, is definitely a scaredy cat! She’s scared of everything! Every time she hears the blender going off while I’m making an awesome chocolate shake or sees a teensie little spider running by, she freaks out and runs the other way! Oh well, I guess everyone’s scared of something right?