Cinnamon watch out there’s a bee on your back!

This morning, early in the morning, my mom slowly opened the door to my bedroom and Cinnamon jetted out the room and down the stairs. She was so excited cus my mom was gonna take her out on a walk today! She’s like yay, walk, walk, walk! They do it every morning, but Cinnamon loves going on walks with my mom. Whenever my mom can’t do it, Cinnamon gets all sad.

image-16My mom said that today a bee came out of nowhere and landed right on Cinnamon’s back and my mom said, “Cinnamon watch out there’s a bee on your back!”

That sure scared the crap out of Cinnamon! She’s like ahh, get it off get it off!

That would freak me out, too! I hate the bees that come by through our neighborhood. They’re wasps and they’re everywhere. They’re always flying around us when we’re walking outside.I guess this one got tired and decided to snag a seat on Cinnamon’s back and take a ride around the corner. haha Cinnamon sure didn’t like that idea. She started running around in circles trying to get the dumb thing off. That didn’t work! Man, was that bee holding on for dear life.

The next thing I know, my mom flings it away with her hands and then it was gone. Alright mom! That was pretty good! I didn’t think she was gonna do that! I don’t even think I would’ve done that.

My mom said that she wasn’t gonna let anything hurt her baby. How cute! Jeez, my mom is pretty tough! Cinnamon on the other hand, is definitely a scaredy cat! She’s scared of everything! Every time she hears the blender going off while I’m making an awesome chocolate shake or sees a teensie little spider running by, she freaks out and runs the other way! Oh well, I guess everyone’s scared of something right?