Cinnamon, My Aunt, and Lots & Lots of Belly Rubs

My aunt came by to visit us tonight and decided to drop off a few things for my mom whose been sick with a nasty cold virus for awhile now. The second she knocked on the door, Cinnamon was right there sitting by the door waiting for the moment when she’d finally come inside. She was so excited she didn’t know what to do with herself. Cinnamon loves it when one of our aunts comes over for a visit. She loves them so much! It’s cute! I’m glad she does, it’s like Cinnamon’s part of the family!

So, when my aunt finally got inside, Cinnamon jumped right up in front of her and started bouncing around her legs. Jeez, Cinnamon almost wouldn’t even
let her walk inside. She was like a crazy energizer bunny that wouldn’t stop running around. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing? She was so happy! She’s like yes, you’re here, you’re here! My aunt was like, “Whoa, Cinnamon hi!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy aunt decided to stay for awhile and talk with us a bit. The second my aunt sat down on the edge of the couch, Cinnamon ran over to her and made a gigantic leap on the couch with her long springy legs and curled up in a ball right in front of her. She was like give me cuddles, give me cuddles, please? My aunt gave in right away and started petting her belly. Boy was Cinnamon in heaven after that! She was like no way am I moving from this spot! She was glued to that seat! No wonder she likes it when my aunts come around, they always give her cuddles! haha  She’s like oh yeah, this is the life!

It was so funny cus every time my aunt would stop giving Cinnamon belly rubs and start talking to us instead, she’d pop her head up, nudge my aunt’s hands with her nose a few times to get her attention, and start staring at her til she got some more cuddles. Silly nut! She was so jealous! She’s like hey why’d ya stop? So, my aunt would look down at her and go, “Cinnamon, you’re so cute baby!”

After awhile, my aunt said she had to leave, so she got up from the couch and started walking towards the door. The second she did that, Cinnamon got all sad and depressed! She’s like don’t go, don’t go! She had the saddest look on her face I have ever seen! Poor baby! I guess she really didn’t want my aunt to go home. She’s like stay and give me even more belly rubs!


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