Cinnamon why are you sleeping right there? There’s no space!

My sister came back home from a long day of student-teaching at 4 pm and she was exhausted. She was so out of it that she decided to take a nap on the couch. She picked up her purple pillow and took my spot on the couch.

While this was happening, I was in the kitchen trying to get some carrots cus I was hungry. When I came back in the living room my sister was laying down playing on her iPad and starting to fall asleep.

All of a sudden, Cinnamon started staring at my sister from the stairs. That sure scared the crap out of my sister! She didn’t even know Cinnamon was up there. Then, Cinnamon noticed my sister sleeping on the couch, so she ran quickly down the stairs and ran right next to the couch and sat down right in front of my sister, staring her down with her big googly eyes.

She’s like I wanna spot on the couch, too! My sister started laughing and she said, “haha, Cinnamon, no way are you getting up here! There’s no room!”

The next thing I know, Cinnamon is leaping through the air and landed right in front of my sister’s face. She curled up in a ball and started sleeping next to my sister. haha I could not stop laughing. My sister started busting out laughing, too. photo-4

Then, my sister said, “Cinnamon, why are you sleeping right there? There’s no space and I’m trying to sleep! Do you mind?”

No matter what we did, Cinnamon did not budge from that spot! She’s like no way I’m moving from this spot, it’s mine! In fact, she laid her head down and stayed there. I don’t even know how she got in that spot in the first place, cus there wasn’t any room at all, but she definitely shoved herself in there pretty good. Later, I noticed that she was cuddling up next to our remote control for the TV. Maybe she wanted to curl up and watch a chic-flick on TV with my sister and get some cuddles.

My sister really couldn’t sleep after that happened cus two seconds later, Cinnamon popped her head up, turned to the left, and started eyeballing her. It was so hilarious cus she was staring right in my sister’s face.


Then, just to be funny, my sister stared back at her the same way. 

My sister was like, Cinnamon quit staring at me! Cinnamon kept doing that for the longest time. Cinnamon would not stop looking at her. She looked like a deer in headlights. She’s like hey give me cuddles, give me cuddles please? Silly nut! I guess she really didn’t want my sister to sleep either that or she wanted my sister to play with her.

Geez, Cinnamon is hardcore. When she wants a spot on the couch, you better watch out cus she’ll get it no matter what, even if someone is sleeping on the couch!


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