Cinnamon vs. A Gigantic Bull-Dog & A Guy in a Red Shirt

Today, Cinnamon, my sister, and I went out for a walk together. It was kinda nice cus there wasn’t anyone outside and there was a nice cool breeze running across my face. It’s been like an oven out lately so that was a nice change!

image-19The walk was going pretty well. Then, all of a sudden, Cinnamon jerked me across the street. I was like ow that hurts! She started heading for the back end of the park. She loves going there lately and so do I. She loves to sniff, sniff, sniff everything in site and pees every chance she can get.

So, while we were walking back there, my sister and I were talking and Cinnamon was starting to poo in the grass. Then, this cute guy in a red shirt started walking his huge, gigantic beast-like bull-dog on the other side of the street and at that moment I knew it was all over. The second Cinnamon saw that bull-dog she went crazy! She stopped pooping and then started pouncing at the guy, she’s like let me at, let me at em, all while my sister was trying to pick her up off the floor.

I’ve never seen Cinnamon go so crazy before! She was running around in circles all angry and upset and trying to get out of the leash. She must’ve really hated that dog! While that was happening, the cute guy in the red shirt was like I’m getting out of here and started walking away as fast as he could towards another part of the park.

After that, my sister picked Cinnamon up and sure enough she stopped barking and was calm. As we all walked away Cinnamon still gave that dog a piece of her mind. She was growling low under her breath.

When she did that I said, “Cinnamon you can’t pick a fight with that dog. There’s no way you’ll win. Just forget it!”

Later, everything was going fine, Cinnamon was back on the floor and we were all on our way again. Cinnamon would— Stop and then go, STOP and then go. Sheesh, it was tiring. She’s nuts!

Then, as we were walking down this one street trying to get back home, Cinnamon turned her head and STOPPED dead in her tracks. There right in front of us again was that same bull-dog with that cute guy in the red shirt, so she started barking like crazy again. Haha Of course it was the same dog! I can’t believe it! I don’t know how that guy got there so fast, but he did. So, we picked up Cinnamon as fast as we could and high-tailed it out of there. I didn’t want Cinnamon to pick another fight with that gigantic bull-dog again. No way! Cinnamon wouldn’t stand a chance! Cinnamon didn’t care though, she just wanted to go after that dog and attack!

Later, there was another cute guy walking his dog right in front of our house and it looked like a white version of Cinnamon. It was so cute!! Cinnamon sure loved that dog! Now, at first, we didn’t know what Cinnamon would do with that dog, but she just ran up to her and they both started running around in circles going sniff, sniff, sniff to each other. Haha I think Cinnamon has a new friend! I fell in love with that dog and so did my sister. I guess that wasn’t so bad!

Man, Cinnamon’s so weird, one second she’ll be trying to make friends with a cute dog her own size and the next second she’ll be barking like crazy at some huge dog that’s way too big for her to pick fights with. Silly dog! I wonder who she’s gonna bark at next!

Happy Valentine’s Day from me and Cinnamon!!!!