Cinnamon, the Neighbors Next Door, Motita, & Lots & Lots of Dog Treats

Today, I took Cinnamon out on a small walk around the neighborhood and boy was she going slow. Then, out of nowhere, when I was trying to throw away her bag of poo she started picking up speed. I was like whoa where are you going in such a hurry?

Then, when we got around the corner getting closer to the front of my house, she saw our neighbor Alicia next door and ran right up to her trying to get some cuddles. haha Silly nut, no wonder she was going so fast, she knew our neighbor was outside. She loves Alicia, especially since she gives her cuddles all the time! The one person she likes most though is Elsie, who is a very sweet Mexican elderly lady who lives next door, too. She only speaks Spanish, but Cinnamon doesn’t mind! She loves her so much that she started looking around for her, she looked in the patio and through their front door, but she wasn’t there.

photo-5Cinnamon was sad cus she couldn’t find Elsie so she ran inside their house! It was so funny! She stood there by the door and I was like Cinnamon where’s Elsie baby, where’s Elsie? Then the next thing I know, Alicia called out for Elsie to come by and sure enough the second Cinnamon saw her she went nuts! She quickly ran over to her and was like yay, yay, you’re here, give me cuddles, give me cuddles! I definitely see Elsie as Cinnamon’s grandma!

Elsie started giving her cuddles and said, “Aw, Cinimon!”

After that, they invited me inside and I got to see they’re house for the first time and Cinnamon had never seen it either so, the second I let go of her leash, she went running around their house. She liked it so much that she ran straight  into their bedroom where their teensie white fluffy dog Motita was running around with her. They were having so much fun!

While that was going on, Alicia said, “Cinnamon must’ve really wanted to see our house!”

It’s true we’ve never seen they’re house before so she was so excited to run around and see everything. She even made her way to the kitchen found the water bowl and started drinking from that too. haha She even snagged a few pieces of Motita’s food.

Alicia said, “Cinnamon must be thirsty!”

I was like, “Cinnamon you silly nut!”

It was so funny! We all started laughing. It was nice to hang out with them. Cinnamon loved it in there! I bet if she wanted to she would stay there all day or she would move in with them! haha

After running around the bedroom and the kitchen, Cinnamon stopped—she sat down, and started staring up at this jar and didn’t stop looking at it. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing? Then, Alicia noticed that it was a huge jar full of their dog treats! Of course!

Alicia started laughing and said, “Wow, Cinnamon you already found the dog treats that was fast! Ya want one?”

Then, as she picked up the jar, Cinnamon kept staring at it. She’s like–SNACK, SNACK, SNACK! She wanted a dog treat so badly. Alicia was so nice. She picked out one of the treats and gave it to her, then Cinnamon ran off and started chomping it down as fast as she could. Then, she went back for seconds! She ran up to Alicia, sat down, stared her down with the look, and it was all over by then, Alicia gave in quickly and gave Cinnamon another one. Cinnamon ran off with it and was like yes! Man, Cinnamon is good!

Sitting under one of the chairs, eyeballing Cinnamon, was Motita, who was like hey I want one, too! So, Alicia gave Motita one dog treat and said, “Ok Moti, here’s one for you, too!” Motita grabbed that piece and sat there eating that one piece for the longest time. She was eating very slowly. While Cinnamon, on the other hand ate like 4 of them. She ate them so fast! Alicia just kept giving them to her haha. No wonder she likes the neighbors so much, they spoil her! Plus, she was giving Cinnamon the one dog treat that we used to give her all the time. She’s like yum more, more more!

Moti was so jealous that she started growling at Cinnamon. Moti hated that they were giving Cinnamon all the attention. She’s like what about me? So, Alicia had to pick her up and hold her while she started petting Cinnamon again and while Alicia gave her all those treats! Man, I can’t believe they gave her so many of them! I only give her a few at night, so she must’ve been inheaven when Alicia kept giving them to her.

Then, when I decided to go back home, I started saying bye to them, but Cinnamon wouldn’t budge. She’s like but Paula, I just wanna stay for 5 more minutes, please? It was so cute, she wanted to play some more and get some more dog treats probably, but I decided it was time to go, so I finally had to pick her up since she wasn’t coming with me and we all said bye. Cinnamon was so sad and depressed when I went back home. She’s like aw man, I wanna go back!

It sucks though cus they’re gonna move pretty soon to a different part of town. I’m gonna miss them so much they’re fantastic neighbors! I know Cinnamon will miss them, too, especially her grandma Elsie next door-Elsie who’s always giving her so much love and cuddles! Cinnamon would probably go with them if she wanted to.