Cinnamon did you drop my computer on the floor?

While I was in the kitchen trying to talk to my sister, I heard a loud—BANG in the living room. That scared the crap out of me.

Then, all of a sudden I heard my mom say, “Paula come in the living room quick! Cinnamon did something!”

At first, I had no idea what happened. I thought for sure something bad happened to Cinnamon or that she ran into my cup of water that was sitting on the couch and it spilled all over my books. That would suck!

I ran in the living room and then I found Cinnamon sitting right behind my new pillow on the couch. Then, I was wondering where my labtop went and sure enough I looked down and there it was—upside down on the floor.

I said, “Cinnamon did you drop my computer on the floor?”

She gave me this huge sad, guilty look on her face and she was like I didn’t do anything, I was just laying here minding my own

After she looked at me like that I couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny. She totally did it! My mom said that she jumped on the couch and was trying to shove her head behind my new pillow to get a spot on the couch and take a long snooze. She’s always doing that, but this time she bumped into my labtop and it flew on the floor.

Why did she have to drop my computer on the floor? Why couldn’t she just drop my pillow on the floor instead? Jeez.

I got so lucky though! My computer landed right on some soft covers on the floor.

Now, Cinnamon is staring at me while writing this blog. I don’t think she wants me to write it at all. She’s like hey stop writing about me and play with me instead! Haha She’s always doing that! Well, I better go before Cinnamon starts nudging my hand with her cold wet nose for some cuddles!


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