Cinnamon vs. the Skateboarder

I was off taking a pretty good walk with my sister and Cinnamon a few days ago and it was actually going pretty well for once. She has been such a pain lately. She’s always pulling us in different directions, not listening to us, and getting out of her leash. It’s driving me crazy!

This time she was doing pretty well. We even got to get our mail for once. Normally, she never likes going down our street. Never. She’s always running off to other streets, which is fine, but not when we want to get the mail. So, we got it this time and I was carrying it in my hands and trying to hold Cinnamon all at the same time. That was a huge mistake! Plus, I was talking to my sister so I didn’t notice that this young skateboarder guy was coming our way.

0126151141-00Then, two seconds later, it was all over. Cinnamon started barking, but this time she got away from me!! She just slipped through my fingers and ran off. She went flying and was gone. She’s like see ya later! Boy can she run fast!

I said, “Ahhh, Cinnamon! No!”

I was half scared out of my mind that she was gonna run away and half worried that she was gonna attack that guy. I didn’t know what she was gonna do. So, she ran straight to that skateboarder, barked at him, and started jumping all around his skateboard. That guy was taller than Cinnamon, so she couldn’t reach him. It was so funny! She’s like go away, go away! Yeah, that’ll scare him off!

If there is anything that Cinnamon hates more, it’s skateboards. She just doesn’t like them. So, she barks at them any chance she can get. I can see why, there’s always so many skateboarders around my neighborhood.

Anyways, my sister went over to them and picked Cinnamon up and then the barking stopped and it was all over. Sheesh, I never wanna do that again! That scared the crap out of me!

While that happened, the skateboarder guy, picked up his skateboard and as he started walking by us he kept saying, “Sorry. My bad. I’m so so sorry!”

Wow, I didn’t see that coming! No one has ever done that before! Normally, the people that Cinnamon bark at either make a joke about it and laugh or get angry and walk away quickly acting like it was our fault that Cinnamon was going crazy in the first place. This guy was actually nice!

We said sorry back to him and walked back inside. Man, that was embarrassing. I hope Cinnamon doesn’t do that anymore. Silly dog!


2 thoughts on “Cinnamon vs. the Skateboarder

  1. Growing up I had a miniature shelty (I think thats how you spell it?), named Buster, and he would bark at people biking, running, rollerblading whatever. I was also so embarrassed haha. It’s their instinct to heard sheep, so I think he barked at them to try and “heard” them. bahaha. Our dog would also bark at the t.v. if people were running or there was a lot of action! So funny! -Shelly

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