Cinnamon do you mind I’m trying to eat my Pringles in peace!

Tonight, my sister and I watched Big Hero 6, which is an awesome movie by the way. Half-way through the movie, my sister decided to eat some Pringles. The second my sister sat down to eat them on the couch Cinnamon came right up in front of my sister, sat down very close to her feet, and started giving her the Death Stare. photo-7She just sat there and didn’t move.

She’s like I’m getting those chips this time and if not I will stare you down til I get’em.

After awhile, my sister looked down at her and she was still giving her the Death Stare. haha She would not budge from that spot, so my sister said, “Cinnamon do you mind I’m trying to eat my Pringles in peace!”

Cinnamon sure didn’t care about that. She just got closer and by then her eyes were bulging out of their sockets and she was licking her chops. She must’ve been hungry. My sister and I didn’t really give her any snacks tonight. No wonder she was begging my sister for food. Earlier, she was also staring at my sister from far away on the floor, while my sister was eating Doritos. I guess she wanted some of that, too. She’s a nut! All because we didn’t give her any dog treats! Of course!

Cinnamon kept staring at my sister’s every move while eating those Pringles. She’s like I just want one taste, just one taste of that bbq goodness in my mouth and that’s it I’m done.

When my sister was almost done eating them she said, “No way are you getting these! They’re mine!”

After she was done with the Pringles, Cinnamon followed her in the kitchen watching my sister put them back on the table. By then, she was like aw man, now I can’t have any chips. She was so sad.

When my sister sat down and we all started watching the movie again, Cinnamon started eating her dog food. haha You could hear her going chomp, chomp, chomp. Jeez. I  guess Cinnamon gave up and decided to eat the rest of her dog food. I think she would much rather be eating the good stuff like chips, cheese, or chicken instead.