Cinnamon vs. a huge beautiful white dog & two tiny brown pugs

Yesterday, my mom took Cinnamon out for a walk outside right before dinner. That was a huge mistake! The second she walked outside and started walking across the street, Cinnamon started barking like crazy at this huge beautiful white dog that was walking towards her. That was bad, so my mom picked her up and walked the other way. That was a close one.image-20

Just when my mom thought it was safe, she put Cinnamon down on the floor again and then all of a sudden Cinnamon sees these two tiny pugs that she hates coming the other way! Cinnamon was worse with these dogs. She stared them down and started barking at them. She ran around in circles jumping at them, trying to attack them with all her might, while my mom was just trying to hold on to the leash to stop her from running away.

My mom said, “Cinnamon stop!”

That didn’t work. By then, the pugs were getting closer to Cinnamon and they were all barking at each other. Cinnamon’s bark was funny though cus it sounded all deep and low while the pugs sounded like little  puppies.

After all of that, my mom just wanted to go home. So, she picked up Cinnamon quickly and got out of there as fast as she could.

She said, “Cinnamon let’s get out of here fast before something else happens!”

Talk about bad luck! When my mom came home she said she sure didn’t wanna do that again. She was very frustrated. All she wanted to do was go on a nice little walk with Cinnamon, but no that wasn’t gonna happen, not on our street!

I wonder what’ll happen next!! Can’t wait!

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