Cinnamon vs. the Mini Shih Tzu

Today, my sister and I took Cinnamon out on a walk together. We had so much fun talking to each other as Cinnamon was walking around peeing any chance she could get. She was also sticking her nose in the grass too. She ended up getting these huge pieces of grass stuck on her face while she was running around. haha

When we got back home, my sister and I were throwing away Cinnamon’s dog poo in the trash can outside, and suddenly we see this guy walking two cute little dogs that we’ve never seen before. One looked like a mini Shih Tzu and I didn’t know what the other dog was, but it was very cute. Both dogs were tinier than Cinnamon, also. When we walked by I thought everything would be ok. Boy was I wrong! The second that Shih Tzu saw Cinnamon, it was all over!

photo-10That dog was out to kill. It was trying to attack Cinnamon and barking like crazy while the guy was trying to walk past us and hold his dog back. Funny thing is, Cinnamon wasn’t barking at that dog. She was completely calm. Weird! She’s the one who’s usually trying to rip some dog’s head off, but this time nothing. Not one bark! It was so surprising to me. I guess Cinnamon isn’t so bad after all. She’s nuts! Sometimes she’ll be perfectly nice witha dog, but then two seconds later she’ll start a huge fight with another. It never ends.

Anyways, after that tiny dog was barking at us like that, I looked at my sister and said, “Uh, I think we should go now.”

My sister said, “Yeah, let’s go quick!”

So, we picked up Cinnamon and got out of there fast as fast as we could. We didn’t wanna stick around for that. That dog was tiny, but it was vicious.

Also, that dog’s bark was the funniest bark I’ve ever heard. It didn’t even sound like a bark, it sounded more like the dog was choking on something or like it had a hoarse cough that wouldn’t go away. haha As I heard it barking, I tried so hard not to laugh, but I couldn’t help it. It was hilarious! I’ve never heard that sound come out of a dog before. I don’t think that dog would scare anything with that bark. It sure didn’t scare Cinnamon or at least I don’t think it did. I think Cinnamon was surprised that the dog sounded like that too. Maybe that’s why she was so speechless!