Cinnamon vs. The Black Cat Under the Van

Cinnamon and I just came back from a walk and it was awesome. The breeze was nice and there was no one outside so it was very peaceful. Then, all of a sudden just as we were short-cutting through some houses to get back home, Cinnamon started pulling the leash hard towards this blue van.

I joked around and said, “Cinnamon what are you doing? That’s not our car!”

Then, she started growling and I saw it. I saw what she was getting so upset about— it was a black cat. It was right underneath the car and I didn’t even see it, but Cinnamon sure did. Crazy dog!

photo 1-2That black cat was nasty. I mean, it was so close to us that I thought it was gonna attack Cinnamon. It was staring at Cinnamon with it’s black, beady eyes and it was arching it’s back and hissing at us. Cinnamon was staring it down too. She’s like get away from me now cat, or else! haha It was war!

The second I saw that cat doing that I grabbed Cinnamon as fast as I could and got out of there. I wasn’t gonna stay and find out if that cat was gonna rip Cinnamon to shreds with it’s sharp claws and teeth.

That black cat is trouble. We’ve seen it before running around and it’s always causing trouble with Cinnamon. No wonder they were gonna attack each other. That black cat looked like it was gonna kill. It really hated Cinnamon and Cinnamon sure hated that cat, too. Not a good combination.

I hope we never see that cat again, but with my luck we probably will. After that, I just held Cinnamon a little ways til we got home and she was staring back at the cat like she was gonna jump out of my arms and go after it again. And the black cat went back under the blue van. Guess it didn’t wanna stick around for round two.