Cinnamon’s New Hair-Cut, Lots of Biscuits & A Red-Bandana

My mom took Cinnamon to get groomed today at a new place. We’ve tried two other places, including Petsmart by the way, but this grooming place was better than those.

When my mom picked Cinnamon up to bring her back home, they gave Cinnamon 5 biscuits. Awesome! Cinnamon must’ve loved that.

My mom tried to give those biscuits to Cinnamon right away, but she wouldn’t eat them at all. She just sat there staring at her with this funny look on her face.

My mom said, “Don’t you want some Cinnamon? They’re good!”

Cinnamon just kept sitting there with her cute puppy dog eyes staring up at my mom. She really didn’t want them. That was weird! When she gets snacks she usually scarfs em down as fast as she can. This time nothing!

Finally, when they got outside my mom tried again and it worked! Cinnamon instantly ran over to get one and started going chomp, chomp, chomp. Then, she went back to my mom, sat down right in front of her feet, and begged for the rest of them. She’s like more, more, more! That’s the Cinnamon we all know and love!  That was close, I thought for sure Cinnamon wasn’t gonna eat them. Maybe she wanted to eat them in privacy. haha It’s true, Cinnamon hates it when people watch her while she eats. When we give her one of her favorite treats at home, Cinnamon usually takes her treat and runs for dear life into the living room and eats it on the carpet. My mom doesn’t like that so much, but oh well!

Finally, when they came him, Cinnamon was so tired that she fell asleep next to Dory on the couch.

0312151459-03 It was so cute!! She’s like boy did that place wear me out, I need a snooze!

She looked so cute in her red bandana. No one’s ever put that on her before after she’s gotten groomed. At first, Cinnamon didn’t even like it very much. In fact, the second she got home from getting groomed she ran in very quickly dooted my leg and then she ran up to the couch and started rubbing her scarf against the couch. She’s like what is this thing, get it off, get it off! I guess Cinnamon doesn’t like girly stuff on her body. I thought it was the cutest thing ever, but she hated it!

After awhile though, she gave up trying to get it off and fell back asleep on the couch. I think she actually likes it now. Well, I hope so anyways! I wonder how long she’ll keep it on before she tries to rip it to shreds again.