Cinnamon vs. the Big Fat Cat Sleeping Under a Blue Car

Today, while taking Cinnamon out on a walk she barked at another cat sleeping under a car. It was pretty close by to the van where that black cat was the other day. This time it was a fat cat.

At first, I didn’t even see it. Cinnamon just started barking like crazy and started pulling me closer to this blue car. She’s like cat, cat, cat!!

I said, “I really hope that is not a cat under there Cinnamon!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI looked closer towards the car, but I still didn’t see anything- no cat, no dog, Nothing. Cinnamon sure did though cus she just kept barking and growling at it getting closer and closer.

So, before I could find out whether or not it was a cat that she was barking at, I got out of there. I didn’t wanna repeat of the last time that we encountered a cat, especially that black one. That was one nasty cat!

When I picked up Cinnamon and walked a little ways, I looked back and there it was—a big fat cat laying underneath that blue car, right in the center.

I started laughing and said, “Cinnamon you sly fox, you were right! There was a cat under there!”

Funny thing is, Cinnamon didn’t even scare that cat one bit. While Cinnamon was barking at it, it just stayed there laying lazily under the car.  haha It didn’t move one inch. That cat was so smart! It was like I’m not starting a fight with that dog, I’m staying down here where it’s safe and cool. I guess Cinnamon’s bark wasn’t so effective today huh? It did scare the crap out of me though! When she started barking, it was so loud that it made me jump!

Cinnamon hates that fat cat! It’s always sleeping under my car, so whenever Cinnamon walks by and sees the cat sleeping down there, she gives that cat a piece of her mind. She starts chasing after it and growling at it like hey, get away from my human’s car now or else! haha Cinnamon is so overly protective! How cute!

No wonder Cinnamon went nuts they have history! I still think she hates that black cat more though.

Guess it really is Friday the 13th. I’ve had so much bad luck with cats lately and today was no better. At least this cat didn’t put up much of a fight. That would’ve sucked!