Cinnamon vs. A Tall Man, a Skateboarder, & a Jack Russell Terrior

Tonight, I went out to take Cinnamon out at about 7:30. That was a huge mistake! The whole world was out there. Everyone was out walking their dogs! No wonder, it’s been so hot lately, everyone wants to walk at night.

1205141415-00The only good thing about the walk Cinnamon and I had was the beginning when I got to see the sunset. It was gorgeous! There were fluffy clouds off in the distance and the sky was a deep pink and then it slowly turned into a beautiful shade of purple. It was amazing! I stopped to take a picture, but Cinnamon didn’t want me to take it. haha Silly nut! She’s like let’s keep going! I was like ok ok hold you’re horses!

Things got worse right when we went across the street and made a quick short-cut through some houses. Out of nowhere, this tall man came out of his house and almost ran into me.

The second Cinnamon saw that  man she started barking like crazy at him. haha He scared the crap out of Cinnamon!

He said, “Whoops, sorry I startled him!” haha He thought Cinnamon was a boy. Nice!

As he said that, I was trying everything to hold Cinnamon back, which wasn’t going so well, and then I said, “That’s ok! Don’t worry about it!”

After that, I took Cinnamon down the next street and this skateboarder came whizzing fast right by Cinnamon. Poor dog! First, this man scares the crap out of her, and then this skateboarder comes out of nowhere and freaks her out, too! Jeez! Can’t we catch a break! I mean seriously, Cinnamon barked at that skateboarder, too. She was going even crazier this time running around in circles trying to get out of her leash. She’s like get away from me!

As that skateboarder left, I picked Cinnamon up as fast as possible and walked back the other way. There were more skateboarders coming our way and by that point I just wanted to go back to my street and head back home. Cinnamon on the other hand wanted to go back and chase after that skateboarder.

Everything was finally going well when we got to our street and started heading up to my house. That didn’t last long! When we got closer to my house there was another dog up ahead. Again! At first, Cinnamon didn’t even see it, but I sure did. It was a cute white and brown Jack Russell Terrior! I love those dogs! I don’t think Cinnamon did though, she was more preoccupied with sticking her nose in the grass. For a second I slowed down and tried to wait for that dog to pass us by, but that didn’t work!

Finally, Cinnamon popped her head up and she STOPPED… she just stood there…staring it down….That’s when I knew it was all over! She started barking again and this time it was worse than the other 2 times she went nuts. She almost got out of the leash pulling my arm off trying to get to it. So, I had to pick her up.

She was so pissed at that Jack Russell Terrior that she almost jumped out of my arms. She’s like, let me go, let me go, it’s getting away!

I said, “Hey, quit it you crazy dog! I can’t take you anywhere!”

By then, I was so frustrated I just walked back inside my house. That was crazy! I don’t wanna do that again!


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