Cinnamon vs. the German Shepard

Tonight, my mom decided to take Cinnamon out for a walk. She doesn’t always take her out right before dinner, but she decided to this time. That was a huge mistake!

The second my mom walked outside, and closed the door behind her, I heard crazy loud barking outside and I instantly knew that it was Cinnamon. I mean seriously, only Cinnamon would bark that loudly and so deeply so fast.

image-22My mom quickly brought Cinnamon back in, shut the door, put Cinnamon down on the couch, and said, “Oh no! Cinnamon’s seen that dog before down by the park and it wasn’t good!”

It was so funny! I’ve never seen my mom come back inside that fast! Usually, my mom and Cinnamon go on these extensive long walks outside together and Cinnamon loves it, especially in the morning, but not this time!

My mom said that it was a German Shepard that was walking by on the other side of the street and it was gigantic! It wasn’t even that close to the house and Cinnamon still barked like crazy! She was going so crazy that she almost got out of her leash. Silly nut!

So, while that dog was walking by, my mom had Cinnamon sit there on the couch. She said, “Now Cinnamon stay here and wait!”

Cinnamon didn’t wanna wait though, she was like walk, walk, walk! My mom didn’t seem too happy though, especially after Cinnamon’s huge fight outside.

Later, my mom took Cinnamon out again, thinking it would be safe out there with that big dog. That didn’t work! They walked a little ways up the street and there it was again—the German Shepard was walking a little ways in front of my mom. Jeez! My mom cannot catch a break can she?

By then, my mom just decided to go back the other way and come back inside cus Cinnamon started barking again. My mom was done with Cinnamon after that! She was not happy at all!

I guess Cinnamon really hates that German Shepard! Funny thing is, I’ve never seen it and to tell you the truth I don’t think I want to, especially if those two go at it again.