Cinnamon, Barbara, Her 3 Dogs, & The Surprise Walk

My mom was sitting on her computer this afternoon and all of a sudden she thought she saw her best friend Barbara walking by outside. She opened the door and peeked outside and sure enough it was Barbara. It was so random. She never walks by at 4:30 pm! Normally she meets up with Barbara very early in the morning and they go walking together with their dogs.

Barbara has 3 dogs. One is a small pitbull/lab who is a very cute & playful puppy. Cinnamon didn’t like when Barbara first got that dog. She used to bark at it every chance she got, but now they’re best friends. She also has a mini-shih tzu and another brown dog named Barky that she just adopted. Cinnamon adores Barbara and her dogs! She loves going on walks with them and she especially loves getting dog treats from Barbara, too. haha

So, when my mom saw Barbara walk by, she got up quickly, and said, “Cinnamon, let’s go! Barbara’s here! Barbara’s here!”

While my mom said that, Cinnamon came out of nowhere and started jumping around and wiggling her stubby little tail back and forth as fast as she could. She’s like yay, Barbara’s here, she’s here, she’s here, she’s here! She was so excited to see them that she jumped on the couch and started staring out the window! It’s funny, she knew that my mom was talking about Barbara. Silly nut!

She sat there and then she jumped back off the couch, ran over towards the door, and sat down. image-27She was like mom come on let’s go, let’s go! She was waiting for my mom to get the leash.

Then, when my mom finally got the leash on, she jetted outside. I’ve never seen her go that fast before!  She was so happy! I wish she’d get that excited when I take her outside during the day. Lately, she hasn’t been wanting to go on walks with me anymore! Jeez! I guess she doesn’t like the 90 degree weather we’ve been having lately.

Later, when my mom came back with Cinnamon my mom said that while they were out there there was this huge beautiful dog that went by and she said that all 4 of them started barking like crazy at it. Whoa, just imagine 4 mini-dogs going at it with a huge dog. That would’ve been fun to watch! I bet they scared the crap out of that dog and scared it away! Anyways, I’m glad Cinnamon has some dog friends to hang out with outside.