Cinnamon, Haley, & Destiny

Last night, my sister wanted to take Cinnamon out for a walk, but she would not budge from the couch. Finally, my sister got the leash from the kitchen and said loudly, “Cinnamon, Let’s go!” All it took were those 3 words and she took off running towards the door. Silly nut! Then, they finally went off on their walk. My sister said that Cinnamon had a great time! She got to meet a new dog named 2-1

It started off like always, Cinnamon walking around peeing everywhere and shoving her nose into the ground going sniff, sniff, sniff. They were walking around the corner and then suddenly Cinnamon sped up so fast she almost pulled my sister’s arm off.

My sister said, “Hey, Cinnamon why are you going so fast?”

Then, two seconds later my sister saw Cinnamon’s best friends all the way down the street. It was this Asian lady that Cinnamon absolutely adores named Anne and her dog named Haley, but this time there was also a new mini white dog named Destiny along with them.

Haley is a black mini doberman pinscher, very cute but very jealous of Cinnamon. Seriously, every time Cinnamon is getting cuddles from Anne, his owner, Haley starts growling at her. haha

No wonder Cinnamon took off running as fast as she could to get to them. She wanted to play!

When they finally got to the end of the street, Cinnamon was so happy! Cinnamon instantly started playing with Destiny. She was sniffing her and running around in circles. She’s like yay, new friend, new friend!! Then, they all started walking together down the street. Cinnamon was so happy. She was walking with Destiny, while Haley was off running down the other side of the street. Haley never has a leash on so she’s always wandering off. Silly dog! Cinnamon didn’t care though, she just kept walking with Destiny, her new BFF.

Later, when my sister, Cinnamon, and Anne finally got to Anne’s house, right when my sister was about to leave with Cinnamon, Anne bent over and gave each one of the dogs a Pupperoni dog treat! Cinnamon sure was in heaven when Anne gave her one of those! She loves those treats! We used to give them to her all the time at home and she’d go all googly-eyed on us, always begging for more.

Anyways, when Cinnamon got her yummy dog treat, she took it in her mouth, spun around quickly and almost started running off with it in her mouth.
Anne started laughing when Cinnamon did that and then she said, “Is Cinnamon gonna take that all the way back home or eat it here?”

My sister started laughing, too. Then, Cinnamon just stopped out of nowhere and swallowed it whole. Boy was she hungry!

After that, Cinnamon ran straight back to Anne, sat down right in front of her, and was like more, more, more. Anne thought was that cute and decided to give her another piece. In fact, she just kept giving Cinnamon more pieces of Pupperoni treats. Man, Cinnamon sure is lucky! She’s always getting free treats outside when she’s out on walks. She even got one earlier from my mom’s other friend Barbara. Cinnamon is so spoiled!

Haley got so jealous of Cinnamon! She started barking like crazy at her. I guess she didn’t want Cinnamon to have any more dog treats. haha

When it was all over and my sister wanted to leave, Cinnamon wouldn’t budge. She just sat there with this sad look on her face. I guess Cinnamon wanted more dog treats either that or she wanted some more cuddles from Anne. She loves Anne!

To get out of there, my sister had to pick Cinnamon up and carry her away. It was so funny! Cinnamon is so cute! She made a new doggy friend and got lots and lots of treats. No wonder she didn’t wanna leave. I bet if she wanted to she would move in with Anne.