Cinnamon vs. My Mom’s iPhone

My sister and I were gonna go to the movies last night to see The Longest Ride, which was an awesome movie by the way, so my sister asked if she could use my mom’s iPhone to look up directions.

When my sister finally pulled up the directions on her iPhone, Siri’s annoyingly loud voice popped on and said, “Go left on…”

image-31Suddenly, Cinnamon ran out of the kitchen and jetted towards the door looking around like huh, huh, huh? She even started barking, too and growling. I guess she doesn’t like Siri very much!!

My sister busted out laughing and said, “Cinnamon, what are you doing? It’s just mom’s phone!”

It was so hilarious. Cinnamon heard Siri’s voice on my mom’s phone and it scared the crap out of her! Haha She thought it was a real person. Silly dog!

While all of that happened, I was in the bathroom. Of course! I can’t believe I missed it. That would’ve been fun to watch.


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