Cinnamon Don’t Eat Those Peas off the Floor, They’re Frozen!

Last night, while I was making dinner, I grabbed a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer and tried pouring a few in a bowl. That didn’t work! I dropped three pieces of it on the floor.

I said, “Oops! My bad!”

I just decided to leave them there and go back and pick them up later. Besides, I wanted to heat the peas in the microwave. So, I popped them in the microwave and stood there waiting for it to be done.

While that happened, Cinnamon slowly came out from underneath the kitchen table, and she saw the three pieces of frozen peas on the floor, so she instantly went over, grabbed one between her teeth, and ran for it. She ran straight back under the table and two seconds later she popped out again and went back for another one. Funny thing is, I don’t think she noticed I was watching her.

When she grabbed the second one in her mouth I yelled out, “Cinnamon don’t eat those peas off the floor, they’re frozen!”

image-32Cinnamon just stopped, stared at me for a few seconds like she was saying I didn’t do anything I swear, and ran off with the rest of the frozen peas in her mouth. I heard her crunching into it while she was under the table. Ew. It was nasty!

The weird thing is that she came back for more! There weren’t any left on the floor so she came up to me and started asking me for more.

I started busting out laughing, looked down at her and said, “No way Cinnamon. I’m not giving you any more. Go eat your own food!”

That didn’t work. Cinnamon still sat there staring up at me with “The Look” on her face.

Watching her eat those frozen peas right before I was gonna eat them made me want to throw up. I already don’t like peas that much, so that just made it worse. Why on earth was she eating peas frozen anyways? Silly nut!

I hope she doesn’t do that the next time I decide to make peas. That would suck! Now, I’ve lost my appetite.


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