Cinnamon & Destiny, the Dog on the Loose

Last night, my sister and I took a walk with Cinnamon. Cinnamon was so excited she almost wet her pants. The second I closed my computer and said, “Cinnamon ready?” She ran over to me, dooted my knee hard with her wet nose, wiggled her butt super fast, took some time to stretch, and ran around in circles. She’s like let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Silly nut! She loves when we both take her on a walk!image-33

The walk was going pretty well til Cinnamon started picking up speed and almost pulled my arm off trying to go across the street.

I said, “Ow, thanks a lot Cinnamon!”

To top it all off, she almost ran into a car when she did that (she’s always doing that by the way geez!).

When we finally got to the other side of the street, there was this random cute white ball of fluff right in the middle of the street walking slowly towards us.

My sister said it was Cinnamon’s new doggy friend Destiny that she met a few weeks ago. Haha No wonder Cinnamon picked up speed she wanted to see Destiny and play with her again!

It was weird, Destiny was right there by herself, with no leash, no humans, nothing. Then, all of a sudden Destiny stopped and stared at Cinnamon.

After that, this car came out of nowhere and started coming at Destiny. Destiny didn’t move she just stood there in the middle of the street. My sister and I tried everything, but that dog wouldn’t budge for anything. I even tried getting closer to her and saying, “Come here baby, come on pretty girl!” That sure didn’t work!

Thankfully, the car swerved around Destiny and just barely missed her. Geez that was a close one! I thought for sure she’d be road kill, that is one lucky dog!

Funny thing is, even after that happened, Destiny still didn’t get out of the street. Seriously? This was so not my day. We knew we had to do something, so my sister tried getting Destiny to follow us all as we walked across the street with Cinnamon.

It worked! I can’t believe it. It was so easy. We should’ve just done that before. Silly dog!

Then, we stood there and Cinnamon and Destiny started playing with each other. They were so happy! They were sniffing each other’s butts, running around in circles, and wagging their mini tails.

This whole time, my sister and I were wondering whose dog it was. We didn’t know. She was still out there alone, so we stayed there and let the 2 dogs played while we looked around to see if anyone was looking for Destiny. That didn’t work! There was no one in sight.

Funny thing is, a few minutes later, this man walked out of his house, came over to us and said in a deep low voice, “I think I know who that dog belongs to. I’ll be right back.”

That man walked around back to one of the houses we were standing by and he actually found the lady who Destiny belonged to. Awesome!

Two seconds later, this nice Mexican lady walked towards us, called out her dog’s name, and then Destiny instantly stopped what she was doing and went towards her owner wagging her fluffy tail. She’s like yay, you found me, you found me!

The lady thanked us. She also said, “Ya know, this dog is always getting into trouble and running away from me. My sons were playing in the house and they accidentally left the door open. She must’ve ran right past them and they didn’t even know!”

After that, that lady picked up Destiny, who was still lying on the grass, thanked us again, and went back inside, while Cinnamon on the other hand didn’t wanna leave. She wanted to play more with Destiny. haha

Later, we thanked that guy who helped us find Destiny’s owner and he walked back inside. The funny thing is, that guy had a mini white dog in his house who was barking at us, loudly I might add, the whole time he was trying to help us.

That was so hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. That dog Destiny seems like a handful, but it was so cute! I wanted to take it home with me.

Talk about a crazy walk. I’m glad that Cinnamon got to play with her new BFF again and all, but I’m glad that’s over. After that walk, I just wanted to go back inside and so did my sister. I’m glad we were there to help that dog though. Glad that it’s safe now, at least til it runs outside again! Haha

Hope everyone is having a good week! Can’t wait to see what happens next!