Cinnamon did you really have to step all over my computer just to get me to go on a walk with you?

Today, my sister and were sitting on the couch watching Yes Man on TV. It’s hilarious by the way! Then, after it was over, my sister got up and said to me, “So, ya wanna take out Cinnamon with me?”

I said, “Ok, sure! Sounds great!”

The second I said that, Cinnamon popped out of nowhere and started running around in circles and wiggling her cute stubby tail. She’s like walk, walk, walk! Silly nut, she knew we were talking about her.

Then, as my sister started getting ready, she called Cinnamon over to her. Cinnamon didn’t move! She sat right in the middle of the living room, didn’t budge, and started staring at me. She was waiting for me to go with her, but I was still sitting on the couch on my labtop doing a few things before we were gonna go out.

So, I looked over at Cinnamon and said, “Hold on baby, I’m doing something right now. I’ll be right there in a few seconds ok, then we can go on our walk!”

When I was finally done with my labtop, I closed it, put it right beside me and then suddenly Cinnamon started running towards me, then she sprang up with her tall hind legs, took one gigantic leap up into the sky, as if she were flying, and landed right on top of my computer. hahaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She didn’t just land on my computer though, she skidded across it with her claws like she was trying not to fall off, then she finally jumped on the couch, came right next to me, and curled up into a ball like a cat, snuggled next to a pillow and sat extremely close to me. It was so cute!! Silly nut!

Then, she popped her head up, looked up with her googly eyeballs, and stared at me with “The Look”. She’s like, but Paula I really wanna go on a walk with you, please!!!

At that moment, I just burst out laughing and said to Cinnamon, “Cinnamon you must really want to go on a walk with me don’t you? Did you really have to step all over my computer? Seriously? I just bought it and now it’ll probably have mini Cinnamon marks on it! Next time can you just wait?”

After I said that, she gave me this funny look on her face, like whoops sorry Paula I didn’t mean to do it, and then she started shoving her face under her paw like she was all embarrassed. She’s so funny! It’s like she knew what I was saying to her.

Then, I waited a little bit, and said those 3 magic words, “Let’s go Cinnamon!”

She knew I meant business then! The moment I said that, she was up and jumping across my feet, down on the floor stretching and waiting for me to go with her. She knew I was definately going that time. So, I got up and she was so excited that my sister and I were gonna finally take her out on a walk.

Man, that was funny. I hope she doesn’t land on my computer like that again or I might have to get another one. Why couldn’t she have landed on top of a pillow instead, that wouldn’t leave any scratches. Oh well, I’m just glad Cinnamon wanted me to go out with her that much! It was so cute! She doesn’t even do that all the time. Half the time, it’s me trying to convince her to get up off the couch.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Happy Memorial Day from me and Cinnamon!