Cinnamon & the Huge Bounce on the Couch

Last night, I was sitting on the couch with Cinnamon, who was melting into my leg. When I left, she slumped down further into my spot (I didn’t notice that by the way). So, when I came back to sit down, instead of just sitting down in my spot like I normally do, I bounced hard onto the couch- BOOM. Only thing is, I forgot Cinnamon was sitting there so, when I landed on the couch, Cinnamon went flying into the air and landed right next to my sister.

image-34 My sister said Cinnamon jumped up and I just barely missed squishing her to death.

When she told me that, I started laughing said, “Whoops, sorry Cinnamon! Poor baby!”

When I said that, she threw me this sad look on her face and she just would not stop staring at me. Then, I picked her up and moved her closer to my body, and she melted her head into my stomach as I laid there watching TV on the couch giving her head rubs. Oh boy did she love that! She sure was in heaven!

Then, she stared at me again. She did that during the rest of the movie I was watching on Netflix. It was driving me crazy! Serioulsy! All I wanted to do was watch my show in peace, ya know?

Later, when I was gonna go up to sleep, I said, “Ready?”

Instead of running upstairs like she usually does to go to bed, Cinnamon grabbed her favorite mini-blue fox squeak toy as fast as she could, ran up to me, and stared up at me with that weird look she was giving me earlier as if she were saying, play, play, play?

That’s why she was staring at me like that! She wanted to play with me. I guess she didn’t want me to watch that movie. She’s like play with me instead. She’s so cute, yesterday she wanted to play a lot with me, too. She’s this crazy, energizer bunny who has so much energy she doesn’t know what to do with it.

So, I threw the toy around the house and she ran back and forth like a cheetah. Jeez, I wish I had that much energy! She was running around and I wanted to go to bed, but I still did it anyways. Haha

When she does that, it feels like I’m playing with a little kid who just wants to play, play, play, play, and then all of a sudden gets tired and goes to bed. Silly nut!


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