Cinnamon, Two Cats Next Door, & Lots of Trouble

A few days ago, Cinnamon and I were on a walk and it was actually going pretty well, til I walked across the street. Standing there, right on top of our neighbor’s fence, eyeballing Cinnamon, with it’s back arched up in attack-mode was: a cat. It wasn’t just any cat it was a huge cat that has a black spot on, the one who I always find sleeping under my car. Of course! Cinnamon hates that cat! So, I knew what I had to do.

image-35I watched that cat the whole time and seriously, I thought it was gonna jump right on top of us and start a fight with us, so I got cinnamon out of there as fast as I could, which wasn’t so fast considering Cinnamon was taking her good sweet time to walk through that area. She kept going sniff, sniff, sniff. So, I pulled her to go a little faster, and we made it! Funny thing is, Cinnamon didn’t even see it. She walked right past it! Boy did we get lucky there! That cat got lucky too, if Cinnamon saw it, it’d be all over!

It’s funny cus I see that cat there all the time, just sitting out there. It was there yesterday, too, as my sister and I were taking Cinnamon out at 7 pm, right before the sun went down (the sky was gorgeous by the way, a beautiful shade of pink and purple). I didn’t see the cat at first, but it was sitting there right next to that fence, and it was on the floor this time. Jeez! We would’ve ran straight into that cat, if Cinnamon hadn’t jerked me across the street, and insisted we jay-walk in front of a car that was whizzing by. When we did that, Cinnamon didn’t even see the cat. The huge spotted cat on the other hand, was curled up in a tight ball (like Cinnamon when she’s sleeping on the couch every morning) and it popped it’s head up as we walked by stared at us like don’t come over here or else, and then popped back down.

When we came back from our walk, which actually went pretty well by the way, that’s when everything fell apart. Two cats were by our house this time: the huge spotted one that Cinnamon hates, and it’s new friend, a slender gray cat with strips all around it’s body like a zebra. That new one was so cute, but Cinnamon didn’t seem to like it very much! Seriously! We cannot catch a break with these cats can we?

Right when we got there, Cinnamon pulled me forward, as I almost tripped, and started barking like crazy! She was so pissed off! She’s like I’m gonna get’em this time, let me go, let me go! I sure saw that coming and I think my sister did, too, so we practically had to yank Cinnamon over to the left, so we could walk her back inside before she started a war with them.

Funny thing is, I found out later, from my sister, that both cats belong to the guy who lives right across the street from us and he’s a cop. The striped one is a stray that he lets sleep on his motorcycle at night and the other one, the huge spotted cat, belonged to him. No wonder we keep seeing those cats everywhere! I didn’t know they both belonged to him. Wow, now I know why Cinnamon keeps looking under cars all the time in our parking lot, she’s trying to find those cats and give them a piece of her mind! haha

Well, I better go, Cinnamon keeps staring at me! She’s like walk, walk, walk! I’m gonna take Cinnamon out on a walk. Can’t wait to see if she’s gonna run into those cats again or not! That should be fun or not! Hope everyone has a great weekend!