Cinnamon Don’t eat those Shoes! They’re Mine!

Tonight, while I was watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader on TV, I heard this strange noise coming from Cinnamon by the door. It sounded like she was biting on a huge piece of corn on the cob.

It was bugging me, so I said, “Cinnamon stop! Quit it! I’m trying to watch the show!”

She was driving me crazy!

After awhile, she finally stopped. Thank God!

image-37Funny thing is, a little later, Cinnamon started chomping again and it was a lot louder than before. Seriously? So, my mom got up from her computer, walked towards Cinnamon and said, “ Cinnamon what are you chewing on?”

Then, she looked closer and found out that Cinnamon had been sitting there that whole time eating my sister’s black leather shoes!

It was so funny! I could not stop laughing. I didn’t see that coming! I thought she was biting on her paw like she always does, but she was eating my sister’s shoes! Silly dog!

Boy were my mom and sister pissed off at Cinnamon after doing that!

My mom went over to Cinnamon, picked up the shoes from Cinnamon’s teeth, and said, “Cinnamon, no! Stop eating Emily’s shoes right now!”

When my sister found out, she got up from her labtop on the couch, walked over towards Cinnamon, and said, “Cinnamon, don’t eat those shoes! They’re mine!”

Cinnamon looked up at her all sad and depressed like aw man, I wanted to eat that!

Now that my mom took the shoes away from her, she keeps standing there trying to find them. She’s like hey I wanna keep eating those things, they taste good! Ew, that is disgusting! I hope she doesn’t decide to eat my shoes next, but it would be funny if she did. It’s so weird, she’s never actually eaten anything like that before. I guess she’s evolving. haha

She must like how the shoe’s leather interior tastes cus she did this the other day, too. It was so funny, she kept staring at it, like there was a bug in it, then later we found her chewing on it like she was doing today. I guess she can’t resist!

My sister should be careful, I wouldn’t be surprised if my one day one of my sister’s shoes went missing.

It sucks though cus I didn’t get a take a picture of any of this. My mom took the shoes away from Cinnamon before I got the chance. Oh well.