Cinnamon, You Wanna Read my Magazine?

Tonight, my mom, sister, and I were all watching So you Think you Can Dance on TV, which is awesome by the way! While we were watching, Cinnamon jumped on our brown-leather recliner and cuddled up right next to my mom. She loves doing that! Mom started giving her head-rubs as she slowly melted into the chair.

Later, when the show was over, my mom got up, went to the bathroom, and left Cinnamon sleeping on the chair. Funny thing is, while my mom was in the bathroom, my sister and I found Cinnamon laying on the chair, with her arms around my mom’s magazine! haha We started busting out laughing! She’s never done that before! It almost looked like Cinnamon was gonna fall on the floor, too. haha Silly nut! image-38

When my mom came out of the bathroom, she saw Cinnamon laying there and said, “Cinnamon you wanna read my magazine? It’s Good Housekeeping! You have good taste!”

I could not stop laughing when my mom said that. It was hilarious! Cinnamon didn’t even move from that spot when my mom said that. Cinnamon just popped her eyes wide open and gave her this blank stare like a dear in headlights.

It’s also funny cus a little later before my mom went up to bed, she asked me, “So, did Cinnamon really get in that spot by herself or did you guys put her like that?” (She totally didn’t believe me!)

I said, “Nope, that was all her. Cinnamon must really like cuddling with your magazine!”

When my mom heard that, she started laughing again, said goodnight, and went upstairs.

Even right now, Cinnamon is still sleeping there with the magazine in her arms, holding it like a stuffed animal. She’s all upside down and everything and it looks like she’s gonna fall off the couch. I don’t know how she gets herself in those positions, it’s almost like she’s doing yoga or something. Silly nut! I wouldn’t be surprised if she just slept there tonight instead of sleeping in her dog bed in my room like we usually do. She’s sound asleep!

Wow, Cinnamon must really like magazines cus she did that earlier today, too. Earlier this morning, I woke up, walked slowly down the stairs, and I found Cinnamon all curled up in a ball on the couch with her head right on top of the target magazine I was looking at yesterday. It was so funny! I was like, “Cinnamon do you wanna buy something at Target?” Then, when I tried to get it out from under her, she got all upset with me, like hey I was sleeping with that give it back! haha

Cinnamon is so weird,  but I can’t wait to see what else she does next!