Cinnamon, you do realize you’re barking at a mirror, right?

My sister took Cinnamon out on a walk today. While they were short-cutting through some houses again, Cinnamon stopped dead in her tracks. My sister looked down at her, feeling confused, wondering why the heck she was stopping in the first place cus she was almost about to trip over her. I mean seriously, Cinnamon was just standing there, staring off into the distance.

photo 4-1Then, she saw it! Right next to her, there was this huge, gigantic mirror sitting there in the grass all propped up next to a brick wall and Cinnamon was looking at herself. haha

My sister thought it was funny and said, jokingly, “Cinnamon is that you?”

Cinnamon was freaking out so much that she didn’t even hear my sister when she said that, she just kept glaring into the mirror like it was a crystal ball or like she was about to pounce on it.

Then, my sister said that as she tried to get Cinnamon to keep going, she wouldn’t budge from that spot. Not for anything. She’s like no way am I moving from this spot, I’m gonna get that dog! No matter what my sister did, she even tried pulling on her leash a bit, but Cinnamon ran right back to that mirror, stepped right in front of it, peeked back in, and then it was all over. Cinnamon went all crazy and started barking at it! Silly dog! haha She saw herself and thought there was another dog, and she wouldn’t stop barking.

My sister said that she had to go over, pick her up, and say, “Cinnamon, you do realize you’re barking at a mirror, right?”

When my sister picked her up and started walking off, Cinnamon kept staring back at that mirror wanting to spring out of my sister’s arms and go back. She was all huffed, angry, and upset, waiting to run back to that mirror, she’s like let me at’em, let me at’em.

When my sister told me this story, I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t believe i missed that! I can just imagine her thinking that her reflection in the mirror was another dog. Of course she barked at it, lately she’s been barking like crazy at everything that moves, including a guy who came to fix our dryer, a fed-ex guy trying to deliver us a package, and even a nice elderly man trying to deliver flowers for my mom’s birthday yesterday. Jeez, she can be so relentless sometimes, but also very cute!

I can’t wait to see what else she barks at next. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!