Cinnamon’s Blender Blues

It’s been so hot lately, I decided to make  a chocolate shake yesterday in the kitchen (which tasted awesome by the way). The second Cinnamon heard the blender making that annoyingly loud rumbling noise Cinnamon went off running the other way towards the living room. She hates it when I do that! It scares the crap out of her every time I use it. It’s so funny!

When I was done making it, I took the shake in the living room and found Cinnamon all curled up in a teensie little ball. My sister said that Cinnamon was so scared while I was making my shake that she ran in the living room, ran up to the couch, sprang up into the air, and landed on the couch. Then, she shoved her face into my butterfly pillow, and my new mini Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, and got into the perfect ball right next to my sister. She was even cuddling next to my labtop. It was so cute!


I got closer to Cinnamon, started laughing, and said, “Geez Cinnamon, you sure got the best spot on the couch! Where am I gonna sit?”

After I said that she popped her little head up and stared at me with this funny look on her face like, Paula leave me alone I wanna sleep! Then, instead of putting her head back on the pillow, she practically shoved her whole body right on top of my labtop. Of course, ya know, right on my computer! I’m surprised she didn’t accidentally turn it off or something.


Her whole face was leaning on the mouse pad. haha I guess Cinnamon really wanted to cuddle with me. She’s like come on Paula please sit down with me! She’s always sleeping on my stuff like that! Silly dog!

It was so funny! I don’t even know how she could’ve possibly gotten in that spot, but she did. Well, at least she got a good spot on the couch. Ya know, I almost didn’t wanna pick her up from that spot after that. She looked so comfy, but I did and when I moved all of my stuff and moved her between my sister and I, she instantly stared at me with this sad depressed look on her face,  jumped down and ran over towards the door. I guess Cinnamon didn’t like that very much. Oh well!

Hope everyone has an awesome Fourth of July this weekend, from me and Cinnamon!! Can’t wait for her to freak out at all the fireworks going off! She hates those things! People have already been putting them off around here and everytime she hears a loud BANG, she runs over to the window, pops her little body under the drapes, and starts barking like crazy at them. It’s hilarious, but everytime she does that it freaks me out!