Cinnamon vs. the Golden Doodle, the Mean Lean Dog & the Black Cat

Tonight, my sister and I decided to take Cinnamon out on a walk, but the second we walked outside, Cinnamon started barking like crazy. She was jumping around and trying hard to get out of her leash. Seriously? Why does she keep barking like that. She’s just getting worse and worse every time.

photo 2-3So, this time she was barking at the most gigantic golden doodle I’ve ever seen! It was as tall as a skyscraper and looked like a bigger, fluffier version of Cinnamon. haha No wonder she was barking at it so much. She really hated that dog for sure! She was definately out to kill it.

Then, I picked up Cinnamon and we all got out of there fast. Except, once I finally put her back down on the floor, there was another dog walking by on the other side of the street.  Boy do we have bad luck! It was the opposite of the first one we saw: it looked mean, lean and tough and it was staring directly into Cinnamon’s eyes. This one was just looking for a fight and so was Cinnamon cus the second I put her down on the floor, she started barking at it. Silly dog! Then, I was pissed off cus I had to pick her up again.

I said, “Cinnamon, ya know, I can’t keep doing this all night! This is a walk and you have to walk ok.”

So, she gave me this look on her face like sorry Paula, I didn’t mean it and then I put her down on the floor, hoping that she wouldn’t bark again.

It worked! haha Well, at least for awhile then as we were walking through the parking lot to get back to our house we were almost there when suddenly, out of nowhere, I spotted a black cat running under a small white car and I guess Cinnamon did too cus suddenly she lunged towards the car, almost pulling my arm off by the way, and tried to go after it. Cinnamon was like hey it’s a cat, it’s a cat!

Before things got worse, I pulled her back hard, picked her up again, and took her back inside. By then, I was just done. I didn’t wanna do that again. Sometimes I just want to go on a nice relaxing walk. Ya know? Yeah right, like that is ever gonna happen, at least not with Cinnamon anyways. Cinnamon can be so sweet one second and the next so mean. It does make our walks interesting though. I never know what she’s gonna bark at next! It’s hilarious!!