Cinnamon vs. the Gum

A few days ago, my sister took out Cinnamon, came back and told me that Cinnamon got gum stuck to her foot! haha

She said that they were off on a walk and Cinnamon was shoving her face into the grass, as usual, sniffing everything in sight, sniff, sniff, sniff. Then, all of a sudden Cinnamon stopped, started flinging her foot around like crazy, and then she even rubbed her foot in the grass. It was so weird!

IMG_20150626_141814My sister said, “Cinnamon what the heck is goin on?”

Cinnamon looked up at her with this funny look on her face like help, help, help!

My sister still had no idea what was going on. I mean, Cinnamon was acting like there was a bee on her or something. So, she went over to her, knelt down slowly into the grass next to her, and picked up Cinnamon’s paw. There sitting right on the bottom of her tiny paw was a huge wad of gum! haha

Gum! It was gum!

It’s funny cus Cinnamon hates it when she gets something on her foot, so when she stepped in that icky, gooey gum it’s no wonder she started bouncin around like crazy. She wanted it off and fast! I can see why though, I know I wouldn’t wanna get gum stuck in my hair again. It happened to me when I was little and I do not want a repeat of that. I was minding my own business, chewing my gum, and then all of a sudden it flew out of my mouth and onto my hair.  It was stuck pretty badly, so I had to cut some of my hair off cus of it. Not fun! haha Cinnamon is so lucky that we didn’t have to cut off any of her hair!

Anyways, my sister sat there, trying to get the dumb thing off her foot. That was not easy ok, especially with Cinnamon freaking out so much. She was one squirmy dog! That stuff was just way too sticky and plus she didn’t even wanna try to get it off in the first place, it was nasty! Who knows how long that gum was sitting there. She did it anyways though cus she wanted to help Cinnamon.

Her plan didn’t work very well though cus after awhile Cinnamon started freaking out again. She instantly took her paw away from my sister, backed off, and started to get it off again. She’s like ah, get it off, get it off!

It was completely stuck on her fur, no matter what my sister did and Cinnamon wasn’t helping at all. She was running around this time throwing her paw into the ground, thump, thump, thump, like a bunny.

Then my sister said, “Cinnamon stand still I’m trying to get it off!”

That didn’t work, Cinnamon still kept running around like crazy to get it off herself. I guess Cinnamon doesn’t do well under pressure does she? Oh well!

Finally, my sister took Cinnamon in her arms and got all the pieces of gum out of her paw and said, “Sheesh, I should’ve just done it like that in the first place.”