Cinnamon, the Non-Stop Rain, the Toast, & the Cuddly Blue Beach Towel

When my mom took Cinnamon out for a walk, she came back and said it was the worst walk she’d ever been on. She only stayed out there for 2 seconds and came back in. They were both soaking wet! See for the past couple of days, there’s been this crazy storm here in Southern California where there’s been non-stop rain and hot humid weather where it feels like you’re living on the sun. It’s disgusting! No wonder my mom had such a bad walk, they were drenched when they walked back inside. My mom hates getting wet, but Cinnamon likes it. And yet, Cinnamon doesn’t like taking baths.

Anyways, when Cinnamon came inside, she instantly came tearing into the kitchen to see me, cus I was making some toast haha. She wanted my food! She’s like bread, bread, bread!

My mom said, “Wait, I have to take off your leash Cinnamon come back!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen my mom said that, Cinnamon went running back to my mom, but she got stuck under the table. Her leash got caught in the chairs! haha That’s what she gets for not letting mom take off her leash! I finally walked over and got her untangled and then, she finally got over to my mom, stopped right in front of her, let her take off the leash, and ran straight into the living room.

Later, when I was finally gonna sit down, relax and watch a movie, Cinnamon decided to jump right into my spot on the couch. Nice! There was no room for me!

Then out of nowhere my mom came up to Cinnamon and said, “Oh no, Cinnamon get off the couch! You’re soaking wet! You’re gonna ruin the couch!”

Cinnamon instantly gave her this look like I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry! She looked so sad and depressed when my mom picked her up out of her spot on the couch (she just got all comfy in) and moved her down to the bottom part of the couch. She’s like hey, I wanted to sit there!

A few minutes later, my mom went over towards our bathroom, grabbed my blue towel and just completely covered Cinnamon head to toe in it. Cinnamon sure was in heaven then! She loves that towel. I love that towel, too! Actually, it’s the blue towel that I use when I go to the beach. Cinnamon’s always cuddling with it whenever she gets the chance.

She loves it so much that she’s still cuddling up right next to it now, staring at me while I write this blog. She’s such a silly nut! I think she knows I’m writing about her, either that or she doesn’t want me to type anymore cus she keeps getting closer and closer to my feet every time I write. Oh well, guess I better go. Maybe she wants to play or maybe she wants her spot back on the couch!