Cinnamon vs. the Pigeon

Cinnamon was out on a walk with my sister a few days ago, and everything went fine til they started walking back, when Cinnamon stopped suddenly, without warning, and almost jerked my sister’s arm off trying to run across the street. Ow, that’s gotta hurt!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy sister said, “Cinnamon what the heck are you doing? We’re not going that way, we’re going this way!”

All my sister wanted to do was go back inside our house after their walk cus it was hot outside, but Cinnamon sure had other ideas. She kept lunging towards the street and this time she was barking.

My sister still had no clue what Cinnamon was doing, but finally she noticed a tiny bird (that looked a lot like a pigeon by the way) walking across the street.

My sister started laughing and said, “Wow Cinnamon all this for a bird?”

Cinnamon kept insisting on following after it. She even planted her butt down in the ground when my sister tried pulling her back inside. Cinnamon was like no way, I wanna eat that bird now!

Now normally, Cinnamon never chases birds. She chases after cats, ants, or other dogs for sure, but never a bird before. Not once! It was so weird! Guess she really didn’t like that pigeon very much!

After Cinnamon started barking and chasing after the bird, the pigeon just kept going across the street. It was so funny! It didn’t fly off or anything, it just walked on it’s merry way and finally made it to the other side of the street while Cinnamon was out to kill. Poor bird it never would’ve stood a chance against Cinnamon, so my sister finally grabbed her by the collar and pulled her up in her arms and took her back inside. Cinnamon was so disappointed when my sister did that. She’s like aw man, I missed my chance!

Later, my mom said that Cinnamon probably got that bad habit from Elliot, a cute shit-zu dog that Cinnamon walks with every morning with my mom and her friend Barbara. She said that Cinnamon always watches Elliot running around trying to chase after the gigantic black crows we have around here in our neighborhood. haha Wow, that’s who she learned it from!

No wonder Cinnamon started following after that bird, she’s turning into Elliot. I hope she doesn’t start doing that with crows, too. That would be a disaster, but it would be funny watching her chase one!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!