Cinnamon’s Ultimate Dog Jumping Competition & Her New Trick

We finally took Cinnamon to our aunt’s house and she was so excited she almost peed in her pants! She was pulling us to the door before we even got out of the car. She adores my aunt Renee and also my cousins who live there too, Zach and Heather, but the one thing she loves most above anything else is— her favorite doggy family—Cupid, Snowball, and of course Noella.

While we were there, Cinnamon learned how to lay down! IMG_1128I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally saw it. She’s never done that before, not even for a treat. Actually, she’s never done any kind of trick at all, the only thing she really knows how to do well is sit. She does it all the time, but now she knows 2 thanks to my cousin Heather! Heather kept giving Cinnamon a treat every 2 seconds to try to get Cinnamon to lay down. It wasn’t easy, it took her at least 50 tries for her to get it cus Cinnamon was so stubborn. She kept putting her butt up in the air, but then she got it! Cinnamon laid down! I was so happy for her! Plus, she did it again, and again.

Heather is definitely a pro at it and so was her friend, Savannah, who was there visiting. They both kept trying to get all the dogs to do tricks. Cupid, the eldest dog of the bunch and the fluffiest, ended up running fast and jumping over Savannah’s legs as she lay on the ground. It was so funny! He just kept doing it over and over again, getting higher and higher each time, running faster and faster, no one could catch up with him, especially when treats were involved, but right at the end of one of his jumps he crashed right into Savannah’s legs. Savannah was like “OWW!”, but to everyone’s surprise he still flew through the air and landed on the other side perfectly. When that happened we all started cracking up! He was like a cheetah, I’ve never seen him with so much energy before. He’s usually the first one to take a snooze on the floor, but for treats he was ready for some action! Haha

Cinnamon on the other hand didn’t wanna do that at all or Snowball! haha The second Heather tried getting her to jump across her friends legs, Cinnamon just ran around to get the treat. Pretty smart! She’s like I’m not goin that way, no way I’m walkin around and Snowball did the same thing, he was the tiniest fluff-ball out of the mix and he sure didn’t wanna jump over. It was way too high for him!

Noella liked jumping across, but she couldn’t bounce high up through the air quite like Cupid did. She’s the pup of the bunch, but she’s hardcore! She kept jumping back and forth on Savannah’s legs to get across. It was so funny, she was like a little bunny rabbit, going hop, hop, hop.

This whole time it felt like we were at some kinda dog competition to see who could jump the highest or do the best tricks for treats! I guess Cupid was the winner by far! Too bad Cinnamon and Snowball didn’t even try to jump! Noella was close, but Cupid wins by a nose!

Later, when they were all done, Cinnamon kept asking for more treats, but we had to tell her to stop! She didn’t care she still wanted another one, so she ran down towards Heather, who was still holding one more treat in her hands, and then all of a sudden all three of the other dogs (Noella, Cupid, and Snowball) were all sitting there, too, right by my cousin’s feet.

IMG_1125-1They were like, mine, mine, mine!

Nice trick! They were all staring up at her at the same time and they didn’t move an inch, they just kept looking up at it more, waiting for her to drop it.

By that point, I didn’t even think any of them would even want to eat anything else. They had all had so many dog treats! Where does it all go? I just knew Cinnamon would probably throw up after all of that yummy goodness, but Cinnamon didn’t care! She could’ve stayed there eating dog treats all day with them if she wanted to.

When we finally left, Cinnamon didn’t’ wanna leave! We had to practically drag her out of the house just to do it. She loves going there with us! We always have a good time with them! Who knows, maybe next time we go over she can learn another trick, maybe jumping like Cupid. Well, maybe not that, she’s probably not ready for something like that, but ya never know!