Cinnamon Right Before We Left for a Birthday Party

Today, my sister, mom and I were getting ready to go to my grandma’s house for her birthday. We were kinda late so we were running around trying to get ready as fast as we could so we could get out of there on time, which wasn’t working out so well. We had to wrap my grandma’s presents in gift bags, sign her card, and I made some soft, delicious brownies to take. Yum! While that was going on, Cinnamon was sitting by the end of the couch watching us. It was funny! I didn’t even notice til I walked over towards her to sign my grandma’s birthday card.

I looked down at her and said, “Uh, Cinnamon why are you staring at me?”

IMG_20150815_153430Then, a few minutes later, as I was walking towards the door to leave, I caught Cinnamon sneaking into my spot on the couch. haha She made a gigantic leap onto the couch, and shoved her face right into my book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (which is a great book by the way!), a box of kleenex, and her favorite blue squeak toy and laid there, watching us slowly as we all walked towards the door to leave. She looked so sad and blue.

When I saw her sitting there like that, I walked over to her on the couch, gave her some head-rubs, and said, “Cinnamon do you need a tissue, you look so sad?”

My sister said, “Yeah no kidding!”

Cinnamon stared at me with this funny look on her face when I said that. I was joking around when I said that, I knew she wanted to go with us. It was written all over her face. She’s like yeah, I want to go on a car ride, too, please, please, please! She loves going on car rides with us and she loves going to see our family and she knew we were gonna leave her there for the rest of the day and not take her with us. haha Silly nut! No wonder she went over to my spot on the couch, she was so glum about us leaving that she wanted to cuddle with all of my stuff. Its so funny, Cinnamon is so weird, sometimes when I’m about to leave, she’ll sleep right on top of my purse and cuddle with it. She’ll stare up at me like Paula, I don’t want you to leave, stay with me! Let me tell ya, it is so tempting sometimes to take her with me where ever I go or to stay with Cinnamon and cuddle with her all day. I hate when she stares at me with those cute, puppy dog eyes. It kills me every time. Too bad we couldn’t take her with us.

As I stood there, giving Cinnamon head rubs, she was still staring up at me with those sad eyes, and  I said, “Cinnamon don’t look at me like that, we’ll be back later okay buddy!”

So, I left and Cinnamon still didn’t budge from that spot. In fact, she got closer to my book and shoved her face closer into the kleenex box. Geez, she’s nuts!


When we came back, which was a lot later at night, the instant my mom opened the door, Cinnamon was jumping all over the place, she would not sit still at all, she was like an energizer bunny who just wouldn’t stop running. She was so happy to see us! She’s like yay, you’re finally here! Then, my mom took her outside for a walk and they ended up running into Barbara my mom’s friend and her 3 dogs, whom Cinnamon absolutely adores by the way, so she was so excited to go on her walk that she was practically pulling my mom’s arm off while trying to walk out the door to walk with them. haha Cinnamon is hilarious one second she’s all sad and depressed and the next second she’s all happy again. She’s one weird dog, but I love her very much!

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I’m very excited today because I’ve been writing on this blog for about a year now. I can’t believe it! I love writing stories about Cinnamon! I just wanted to thank everyone who has been reading my blogs for the past year.