Cinnamon, the Golden Retriever, & Mom Comes Home Early

I  was outside taking a walk with Cinnamon and it was so nice out there. It’s been so hot lately, but today I was enjoying the cool breeze hitting my face as we walked through the neighborhood going through all of our shortcuts through random houses.

First of all, when we started the walk, Cinnamon suddenly stopped and had this long stare-down with a golden retriever. She hated that dog, she kept tugging on the leash. Not such a good idea! The dog was huge and it was walking right by us up ahead. I saw that dog way before Cinnamon did, so I was trying to slow down, but it was too late, by the time she saw that dog it was all over! She started lunging for it, so I walked in front of her and said, “No, Cinnamon, no! Leave that dog alone! It’s ten times your size you’ll never win!”

Cinnamon didn’t care what I said, she just kept getting closer to that dog. She’s like I can do it, I wanna rip that thing to shreds!

Cinnamon was making such a big deal about that beautiful golden retriever, which is too bad since that was one of the best looking golden retrievers I’ve seen in awhile. Seriously, I thought it was so cute, but Cinnamon hated it!

She kept inching forward trying to get around my legs, but I didn’t let her. haha She’s like hey, let me at em let me at em. Then, she started barking like crazy. Of course! I was waiting for that to happen, she always does that. Why me? I have bad luck!

While I tried calming her down, the golden retriever didn’t do a thing. In fact, it just kept walking by with his owner, haha. It didn’t even stop and look over at Cinnamon at all. Finally, that dog was gone. Man, we had just started our walk, too. Jeez, Cinnamon sure knows how to hold a grudge, when I let her down again she just kept running after the dog again.

I said, “No way Cinnamon. We aren’t doing that again!”

So, I picked her up, held her in my arms trying to calm her down, while we walked a ways and then I put her down again and we kept going. By then, she wasn’t angry anymore, she just went around the grass peeing and going sniff, sniff, sniff, she even sniffed a pole full of pee for a long time (Ew!) and then peed on it. That was disgusting! Cinnamon is so nasty sometimes. She pees on the weirdest things. Then, she went on her merry way again.

When we finally got back home Cinnamon started picking up speed as we walked up the parking lot back to our home.

I said, “Cinnamon where are you off to in such a hurry?”

I didn’t wanna go that fast, especially after the walk we had, but she insisted we go faster. She was practically pulling my arm off. Ow! That hurt! Then, i looked ahead and saw it. I saw why she was going so fast. Cinnamon saw, from far away, my mom’s car! haha She’s a nutball!

She knew for sure that my mom was home early! She nevers come by that fast. She’s usually gone during the day and Cinnamon’s always so sad and depressed, but the second mom comes home she perks up again, running around at top speed like a race car, and waits for my mom to give her cuddles. haha

So, today she rushed into the house, and sure enough the second I opened the screen door Cinnamon was already by my feet, waiting for me to open the door. I said, “Wait, hold on Cinnamon! I need to open the door first! Hold your horses!”

Cinnamon was like let me in, let me in, let me in! haha She can never wait for anything.

Once I started opening the door, Cinnamon nudged it the rest of the way with her cute stubby nose and burst through the door. My mom was right there, standing next to a chair going through her purse. She had just gotten home and when Cinnamon saw her she went nuts!

My mom saw Cinnamon, walked towards her and said, “Cinnamon, I looked all over for ya and I didn’t see you!”

Cinnamon was so excited that she jumped on the bottom of the couch, turned around on her back, (all while the leash and harness was still on her), and my mom started giving her belly rubs. IMG_20150818_135427-1Cinnamon sure was in heaven! She adores getting petted by mom!

Then, suddenly, my mom said, “Oh boy, don’t fall on the floor Cinnamon!”

I started cracking up! Cinnamon really did almost fall on the floor. She was this close to falling on her head when my mom stopped her and pushed her body back up. Then my mom said, “Cinnamon you silly dog!” She kept giving her belly rubs and Cinnamon didn’t move from that spot for the longest time. She was one happy dog!

That was hilarious! Cinnamon is such a silly dog, but I love her so much! Can’t wait to see what other crazy thing she’ll do next!


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