Whoops, My Bad Cinnamon it’s National Dog Day!

Cinnamon was sleeping half-way up the stairs, which she’s been doing a lot lately. Sometimes I don’t even remember she’s up there cus she’s so quiet and stealthy and cus she blends into the carpet. haha

While that was happening, I realized it was National Dog Day. So, I looked up at Cinnamon from the couch and said, “Whoops, my bad Cinnamon it’ National Dog Day!”

IMG_20150823_101308-1I felt so bad cus I love her so much and I wanted to do something special for her, but Cinnamon couldn’t care less, she was busy up there going lick, lick, lick with her paw. She’s like yeah, whatever just give me an awesome dog treat later.

Then, my sister said, “Hey Paula, there’s this thing on Facebook that says: What is your favorite Disney Dog?”

Then, before I could say anything, Cinnamon came out of nowhere, popped her head out in between the black railings on the stairs, peeked down at my sister, and went sniff, sniff, sniff. haha

I said, “Cinnamon what are you doing?”

Cinnamon stopped, stared at me like a deer in headlights, and ran off towards the door.

Then, my sister said, “Wow, Cinnamon is so weird! Why did she sniff the air like that?”

We both started busting out laughing! It was hilarious! That was so random. Watching Cinnamon do that from the couch was just too funny. It was even funnier cus my sister noticed it first. I guess Cinnamon wanted to see what my sister was doing on her IPad, then she must’ve freaked out cus I saw her peeping in on my sister, and ran away. haha

Later,  while Cinnamon was sitting by my feet, my sister giggled again and said, “Cinnamon why did you stare at me like that?”

Then, Cinnamon popped her face up, gave her this funny look on her face, and put her head down to go back to sleep.

Happy National Dog Day Everyone!! Dogs are such amazing friends. You never know what they’re gonna do next. I see Cinnamon as part of the family. She’s like a little sister to me and she’s hilarious! I got her at a dog shelter about 4 years ago and I couldn’t be happier! She’s my baby and I love her so much!