Cinnamon Don’t Eat the Tissue! That’s Nasty!

Tonight, right when I walked in my room, I walked in slowly cus I was tired, I yawned, and Cinnamon was already in the room sitting in her cute green doggie bed like she usually does. Then, all of a sudden I heard this chewing noise, like a rat eating a piece of cheese, chomp, chomp, chomp.

IMG_20150903_220847I knew it had to be Cinnamon so I turned the lights on in my room and sure enough I look down at Cinnamon and she had been eating a piece of tissue!She was holding onto it with her paws, and biting into it trying to bite it off piece by piece. It was all in shreds!

The second I saw it, I said, “Cinnamon don’t eat the tissue! That’s nasty!”

When I said that, she stared up at me, getting all angry and upset and was like I wanna eat this Paula, go away! Then, she just started chomp, chomping away trying to eat as much of it as she could.

So, I grabbed the tissue away from her and said, “Cinnamon, no more tissue for you! How long were you eating that in the first place?”

Geez, no wonder she was upstairs before me, she had secretly been eating this tissue the whole time. Nice! She even went in my sister’s room, too, and boy was my sister pissed off at Cinnamon for that! Man, when Cinnamon heard my sister say, “Hey get outa my room!” Cinnamon took off running into my room. I guess that’s where she found the tissue. haha

Anyways, after I took the tissue away from Cinnamon, she stared at me with this look on her face like hey, give it back, I wanted to eat that!

I said, “No way Cinnamon, I’m throwing this away in the trash again and that’s where it’s gonna stay!”

Ew, she is so disgusting! I can’t believe she did that. She’s been getting it out of my trash bin in my room! For the past 2 nights, I keep coming into my room at night, turn on the lights, and there’s always a bunch of tissue all over the floor. Seriously? Why is she doing that?

It’s even funnier cus right now, as I’m writing this blog, she’s been sitting by the edge of my bed, laying there, staring at my trash bin, waiting to pounce at my trash bin to get some more tasty tissue. Ew! Silly nut!

She’ll never get it though cus I covered it with a pillow (At least I hope so!). haha

She is one devious dog, up to no good! She is so stealthy sometimes I forget how silent she is in getting around the house. I’m gonna have to watch out for her now! I hope she doesn’t do that again!