Cinnamon This is my Piece of Chocolate Cake, Go Away!

While my sister was watching TV a few nights ago, she sat close by the TV on a black desk chair with a huge piece of chocolate cake in her hands. Yum! It was the last one and she was enjoying every bit of it. Only thing is, Cinnamon was sitting right in front of her the whole time, staring at that cake.


When my sister saw that, she said, “Cinnamon this my piece of chocolate cake, go away!”

haha Cinnamon would not budge from that spot. She was so stubborn, she just kept staring with The Look on her face, with these cute puppy dog eyes, but my sister didn’t give in, so Cinnamon inched closer. She’s like I want a piece, just one!

All Cinnamon wanted was just one little bite. She just wanted one little bite of it, and she’d be in heaven. She wanted to taste the sweet chocolate goodness of cake in her mouth for the first time, just like when she had gotten a marshmellow from my sister the other day.It was so funny my sister was throwing the marshmallows at her face trying to get’em in her mouth and then all of a sudden one went flying and it landed right in front of Cinnamon, who instantly scarfed it down.

Anyways, while Cinnamon was trying to get that cake she was so set on getting a piece that she got even closer to my sister’s knees and started licking them. First, she went lick, lick to her left knee and when that didn’t work she moved to my sister’s right knee. It was so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing.

Then, I said, “Emily doesn’t that bother you, when she’s licking your knees like that?”

She started laughing too and said, “No, I don’t mind. Anyways, she’s not getting this cake no matter what she does!”

Cinnamon would not budge til my sister took the last bites of that cake and she even followed close by my sister’s feet as she walked in the kitchen and threw the last bits of that cake away in the trash. She was so sad. She’s like aw man, so close! Well, I guess Cinnamon missed her chance!

I think Cinnamon loves cake. I know I do! She’s been doing that every time my sister sits in that chair eating something for the past couple of nights, especially when she has a huge bag of chips. My sister is pretty hardcore, she never gives into the cute puppy dog eyed look like I do. I can’t resist.