Cinnamon Why do you keep going Through my Trash Can?

Tonight, right after dinner, I heard there was a fire somewhere in La Habra so my sister and I were watching it on the news on my labtop. While we were doing that, Cinnamon was gone. She just disappeared and I hadn’t noticed anything til I heard my mom say upstairs, “Cinnamon what are you doing get out of Paula’s room right now!”

The next thing I know, Cinnamon came running down the stairs and ran for the door. Weird!

IMG_20150902_172053Then, as my mom came downstairs, I asked, “Mom, what’s going on, what did Cinnamon do this time?”

My mom said, “I caught Cinnamon eating some headphones, so I took them away from her. Are they yours Emily?”

Then, I laughed and said, “No they’re mine! They don’t even work I threw them away in my trash can a few days ago. They don’t even work!”

When I said that my sister and I started laughing. I can’t believe she was in my trash again and of all the things to take out of my trash, she picked the headphones! Ew! Did she think that would taste better than the tissue she keeps eating every night? Why does she keep doing that I mean seriously?

Then, I looked over at Cinnamon and by then she had been sitting by the edge of my feet on the couch, staring at me with this sad guilty look on her face like I didn’t do anything I swear!

So, I said, “Cinnamon, Why do you keep going through my trash?”

It’s funny cus a few minutes later, I walked upstairs, peeked in my room to see what Cinnamon did, and sure enough she had been rummaging through my trash. This time I found the trash can completely sideways on the floor, with a few tissues splattered out. I was so pissed off! I hate that she did it again! Silly nut! What was she thinking? Does she really have to keep doing this?IMG_20150908_175833-1

I don’t even know how she got in the trash bin in the first place, cus I covered it with a blanket, but she must’ve knocked it down somehow with her huge springy legs, like a grizzly bear trying to get food, grabbed a huge piece of tissue, ate that left it right in the middle of my room, and ran off with my headphones. haha She must’ve really liked those things, who knew right? I didn’t like them though, those headphones only lasted a few weeks and then they died.

My mom said she took the headphones away from Cinnamon right away after she caught Cinnamon chomp, chomp, chomping away at them. Cinnamon was like no give them back, I wanted to eat those! My mom put the headphones up high on her laundry hamper and Cinnamon was so sad and depressed cus she couldn’t reach them. She laid by them a little while, waiting for mom to give them back to her, but she didn’t.

Later, after I saw my trash can like that, I decided enough was enough, so I took that trash downstairs and got rid of it. Now Cinnamon can’t get to the trash can ever again! She even followed close by my feet as I took the trash bin down the stairs and dumped out the trash. She’s like aw man, now I can’t eat tissue anymore. Serves her right for trying to pull a fast one on me!

I walked to the couch, found Cinnamon laying there and said, “Now Cinnamon, we need to have a little talk here. You can’t keep going through my trash ok. I know you like how it tastes, but it’s disgusting! So don’t do it ever again, ok?”

The next thing I know, she rolled over on her back and was like I’m sorry Paula, I’m sorry, she gave me these sad googly eyes. haha Silly nut! She is so weird and nasty sometimes, but she is still my baby, so I gave her some belly rubs and went on my way.

I still can’t believe she was chewing on my headphones though! I hope she doesn’t do that again, I’m getting sick and tired of finding my trash all over the floor and watching Cinnamon run around with it and chewing it up leaving scraps of it on my bedroom floor!