Cinnamon & The Lucky New Rainbow-Colored Dog Blanket

Today, my sister and my mom went to a Huntington’s Disease Team Hope walk in Irvine, CA. It sounded like an amazing walk, especially since my dad has Huntington’s Disease. It’s one of the worst kinds of diseases you can have and there is no cure for it. A lot of people don’t even know about it. What’s worse is that my sister and I are at risk, so this kind of thing, this walk is important to me cus it raises awareness about the disease itself and it also helps raise money to help researchers find a cure for this disease. It sucks though cus I couldn’t go to the walk. It was way too early for me. Yeah, they left at like 8 in the morning, I was still lying dead, like a zombie in my bed. I did help donate some money last night though.

Anways, Cinnamon was so sad and depressed while they were gone. I mean seriously they weren’t even gone for that long. She just laid by my feet like a lump on a log while I watched TV. How sad!

Later, when they came back, I was upstairs taking a shower and when I finally came downstairs my mom and sister both said, “Hey Paula! Look what Cinnamon got!”

Next thing I know, I saw Cinnamon laying on the couch cuddling with this:

IMG_20150919_142048Wow! It was so cute! I had to take a picture, but Cinnamon didn’t mind! She posed for me! haha Most of the time, she hates when I take pics of her. She stares at me funny and sighs, thinking Paula leave me alone or she tries to hide my phone from me haha, but this time she cuddled up close to this awesome rainbow-colored blanket that had stripes like a zebra. She was in heaven! Cinnamon would not budge from that spot! No wonder, its the softest thing I’ve felt in a long time. I almost wanted to sleep on it too, it feels so soft and cuddly, just like her. She wouldn’t let me near it though. She’s like it’s mine, it’s mine!

Funny thing is, my sister and my mom actually won it at the HD walk they went to today haha. Who knew Cinnamon would end up winning something! Too funny! Cinnamon is so lucky! I wish I had that kind of luck, I never win anything at those kinds of things.

In fact, she loves it so much that even now as I write this she’s cuddled up in a ball, staring at me with this “I’m in heaven look”. If she had it her way, she’d sleep there forever!

Later, it was even funnier cus my mom got me this awesome shirt from the walk, so I put it up to Cinnamon and said, “Cinnamon look I got a shirt!”

The second I did that, she was going sniff, sniff, sniff. I guess she liked the shirt, too!

After that, I put the shirt on top of her, as she was cuddling on top of her new soft dog blanket, and two seconds later Cinnamon started cuddling with that, too. She moved her head closer to it and just laid there in front of me. haha Silly nut! So, I snagged a pic of that too, just in case she decided to run off, but she didn’t. She stayed there for awhile.

IMG_20150919_141753She must really like this shirt either that or she wanted to wear it, cus when I did that, she looked up at me like thanks Paula, now I have 2 blankets! She’ll cuddle up next to anything these days! I know I like the shirt, it’s awesome! It gives me hope that there will be a cure for HD someday, til then I’m grateful to have a dog like Cinnamon who continues to brighten up my day no matter how hard it may get sometimes.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day today!! Can’t wait to see what other stuff Cinnamon will get next or what she’ll cuddle with!


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