Cinnamon, Scout, Radar, & The Blessing of the Animals

Today, my mom, my sister, and I took Cinnamon to our church for a “Blessing of the Animals” Day. It was so funny, Cinnamon was all happy going on a car ride with us, cus we usually leave her at home. She was sitting in the back seat with me while we drove off to our church. It’s only 15 minutes away from our house, so it didn’t take long to get there, but once we did, Cinnamon was so excited she practically jumped out of the car before I grabbed her leash. Silly nut! I was like wait for me! She hadn’t been to our church before so it was nice for her to finally meet up with Pastor Anna and some other ladies at church. It was so cute! Cinnamon sat right in front of Pastor Anna as she bent down to Cinnamon’s level and started petting her. Cinnamon sure loved that! haha Then, Pastor Anna spoke a beautiful blessing to her. Cinnamon was so mellow when she said it to her! She loved it! I think she loved the cuddles too and meeting a new human!

Then later, my aunt Laura and cousin David came by to get their new dogs blessed by our pastor, too. haha Her dogs are huge, but they are the sweetest dogs ever. One’s name is Radar, who is a golden retriever and a husky mix (beautiful dog, who Cinnamon instantly bonded with) and the other is Scout, who is a playful dog with tons of energy who is also a golden retriever.

After we did the blessing for all the dogs, we all went on a walk together. At first, we had no idea how Cinnamon would react with both dogs, I mean normally when she even sees a huge dog far off in the distance, Cinnamon goes crazy, but she didn’t! She was actually calm! Awesome! My sister had been holding Cinnamon in her arms a little when they first came, but when she finally put Cinnamon down she was fine with them. In fact, we kept Cinnamon in the back while Radar and Scout walked in the front. It worked! I couldn’t believe it! They were gigantic compared to her.

When we were done with the walk, we went back to my church and sat on the grass hanging out with the dogs in the shade. It was so funny! Cinnamon loved David she kept runing up to him and sitting down in his lap, while he gave her some cuddles. Aww. She normally hates guys, but she likes my cousin David, she can tell he’s nice! She’s like give me more cuddles, please? When Cinnamon was off sitting with David, his dogs got jealous. haha Scout and Radar came closer to him and they were like hey, we want cuddles, too.

Cinnamon got jealous of me too while I was giving Radar some head rubs. She’s like no way, I want head rubs, too!  After that happened, Scout came out of nowhere and then all three dogs were all up in my face, so I was like ahh, too many dogs, too many dogs! Nice!

We took tons of pics, too, this one i love especially:

IMG_1295Scout is the one in the back of this pic with David, while Radar is up front with me and Cinnamon is back off in the middle of my aunt and my sister. They sure do look happy with all of us there together! They were all pooped out by then. Cinnamon actually liked hanging out with those two dogs. Radar and Cinnamon became instant BFF’s. It was cute cus Radar went up to Cinnamon at first and they both touched noses and started going sniff, sniff, sniff, to each other’s butts. It was a little different with Scout though, she was hiding a bit from him cus she was afraid, but they soon liked each other, too. I guess now Cinnamon has some new cousin dogs to play with! We have a lot of them in the family now!

We had fun! I’m glad we went off to my church today, it’s a small United Methodist Church and we got to sit in the shade in the grass. It’s beautiful there with all the trees surrounding us and the nice breeze hitting my face. Very relaxing and nice to get out of the heat. It’s been so hot lately it feels like we’re living on the sun! Cinnamon sure had fun! It was nice to finally meet my aunt’s dogs, too.

When it was time to go, Cinnamon sure was ready to go back! We said, “Ok Cinnamon time to go!” She was the first to take off, jetting fast towards the car again taking my arm off. I was like ok, ok I’m coming, I’m coming! I think she wanted to go home and cuddle with her new soft blanket and take a long dog-nap! haha That sounds like a good idea!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!! Cinnamon and I are having lots of fun! Can’t wait for our next adventure together!


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  1. I took Charlie (C-Dog) to get blessed yesterday, too. He’s been acting like he’s wearing a halo ever since … lol. 🙂 Enjoyed your post!

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