Cinnamon, Petsmart, the Eeyore Costume, & the Very Early Christmas Present

Hi everybody!! Hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween! Today, my sister, Cinnamon, and I went to Petsmart (at the last minute haha) to get Cinnamon a costume! It was so much fun! Cinnamon loves going there with us, it’s her store. Anyways, when we got there, Cinnamon was so excited she practically took my sister’s arms off. She’s like yay, we’re here, we’re here! I said, “Jeez, Cinnamon we aren’t even inside yet!”

IMG_20151031_111439Right when we got in, Cinnamon was going so crazy my sister had to pick her up. Silly nut! Then, we looked around to find the perfect costume for her, which wasn’t so easy. Seriously, the whole store didn’t have much to choose from anymore. There was an Elsa costume, but it was in XXL, which was way too big for Cinnamon haha then there was a banana split, I mean serioulsy? Weird, but funny! That would make me hungry. Those were too big for her too, but then we found one: an Eeyore costume and it was in her size! That was so funny cus Eeyore is perfect for Cinnamon and my sister and I love Winnie the Pooh.

While we were trying to see if Cinnamon’s costume would fit her, my sister said, “Hey look! Look behind you!”

I looked behind me and there was this funny bird there and I didn’t even see it. I said, “Hi birdy!”

Then, I noticed that Cinnamon had been watching it the whole time. haha She hadn’t taken her eye off of it, she was about to charge at it for sure. She’s like what the heck is that thing? lol The bird was staring at Cinnamon, too, like hey get away from me or else, while it was going peck, peck, peck, at the window. That bird looked a lot like the one that used to live next door to us, and she hated that bird. Maybe she thought it was the same one!

Then, we finally decided to go to the checkout line and while we waited, my sister put Cinnamon on the floor. She instantly went over to this cat food and went sniff, sniff, sniff. I laughed and said, “Cinnamon that’s the wrong food! That stuff is for cats!”

A few minutes later, we were still waiting in line and all of a sudden Cinnamon noticed this huge box of toys standing right in front of her so, she ran up to it, climbed up, and started smelling the box of dog toys! haha She’s like Paula, I want one, please, please, please? She wanted a toy silly nutball! She knew exactly where they were!

haha So, I just pulled one of the dog toys out and said, “Cinnamon ya want one?”

At first, I was just joking around, but then Cinnamon came over to me while I held it in my hands and sat down, staring at me. She’s like throw it, throw it, throw it! She loved it! She wanted it so badly and it was funny cus when i first randomly picked out the toy I didn’t know that it was a Christmas penguin toy that squeeked! It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen.

So, I said, “Hey, You can’t get this now, it’s not even Christmas yet!”

When I said that Cinnamon was so sad and depressed. She looked at me with those cute blue eyes and then it was all over. My sister and I finally gave in and bought the dumb thing for her. It was cute anyways, so I said, “Ok Cinnamon you can have it, it’s like a very, very early Christmas present! You have to wait til we get home to play with it ok.”

After all that, my sister and I couldn’t stop laughing. Cinnamon is so random and so funny, she’s like a little kid begging us for toys in a toy store.

When we finally checked out, this lady was helping us out. Cinnamon was down on the floor pacing around, and then the lady noticed, looked down at Cinnamon, and said, “Hey, do you want a dog treat?”

My sister and I instantly said at the same time, “Yes!”

When Cinnamon heard that she was in doggy heaven. Her eyes perked up and she ran right in front of that lady waiting for her to give her one. Cinnamon is so funny, she was mad cus she usually gets a treat from the check-out people, but this lady almost forgot to give it to her, so when she remembered it’s no wonder Cinnamon was so happy! She knew she was gonna get a nice, big yummy treat! That’s why she likes the store so much. Then, the lady picked up a treat, stooped down to Cinnamon’s level, and said, “here ya go!”

Two seconds later, Cinnamon was already sitting right in front of that lady. She’s like food, food, food! When Cinnamon was ready, she picked up the treat, and ran off towards my feet and started eating it next to me, chomp, chomp, chomp.

The lady was surprised when Cinnamon did that, so she said, “Wow, she sat and everything!”

My sister and I looked at each other, grinned and my sister said, “Yep, she does it all the time!’

We all laughed and then we were on our way again.

The best part of the whole thing was that we got a good deal on that Eeyore costume. It was only like $6. Nice! Guess it pays off when you put it off to the very last second.

Here’s some pics of Cinnamon in her costume. She wasn’t so happy when we first put it on haha, she was gloomy just like Eeyore:

IMG_20151031_110951Later, she was running around chewing on her new Christmas penguin while wearing the costume and she was bouncing around like a Tigger haha:


Finally, she decided to take a Saturday morning snooze with her new costume. She’s so cute in this pic:

IMG_20151031_112816I guess she does like the costume after all, she’ll cuddle with anything these days! After all of that, she started freaking out and tried getting it off. The top of the head was bothering her. It was so funny! She’s like hey I can’t see, i can’t see get it off! Other than that, she loves it and I’m glad we all went to Petsmart today, cus it was fun!

Have fun tonight! Don’t eat too much candy!