Cinnamon Do ya wanna help me Paper-Cut?

My sister was using the paper-cutter tonight on the floor in the living room and then all of a sudden, Cinnamon came running up to her and planted her butt right on top of some of the paper that was sitting on the floor in front of her.

My sister was like “Hey, Cinnamon, I’m kinda busy right now do ya mind?”

Cinnamon was like hey, can you give me lots and lots of cuddles instead?  haha Silly nut, she wanted cuddles so badly she got closer, all while my sister was trying to cut her papers for school. She’s a 7th grade math teacher (finally!) so she was trying to make some flash cards for a game she was making for her students tomorrow and she was kinda in a hurry, but Cinnamon sure didn’t care.

After awhile, Cinnamon still stubbornly sat there and waited… and waited… and waited some more. Then, my sister bent over and started giving Cinnamon a nice rub on the bottom of her chin and Cinnamon was like oh yeah, yep that hits the spot! Cinnamon was so happy that she started going lick, lick, lick to my sister’s fingers while she was getting the best massage of a lifetime.

Then, Cinnamon got all excited and bounced around the living room, came back toward my sister again and laid out right next to the paper-cutter, staring at it while my sister kept cutting all of her papers.

At that moment, Cinnamon was like hey, I wanna help, please?


While Cinnamon did that, my sister was still cutting a lot of her papers into smaller bits and pieces and when she finally noticed what Cinnamon was doing, she said jokingly, “Cinnamon ya wanna help me paper-cut? You can help me get ready for school tomorrow, ok. Just Mrs. Martin and her dog Cinnamon getting ready for class!”

When my sister said that, Cinnamon popped her head up at my sister, like she was listening to every word my sister just said and was like yeah, yeah, yeah, I wanna help! She was so happy just sitting there next to my sister and that paper-cutter, she started wagging her stubby little tail.

It was so cute! She was hanging out with my sister on the floor. Either that or she was super bored and wanted some attention. haha I guess I’ll never know!