Cinnamon vs. the Strong Gust of Wind

Today, I was sitting on the couch, just starting to read the rest of a good book I’ve been reading lately called The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. In the meantime, Cinnamon had been snoozing soundly by the door, getting in some extra zzz’s on this nice Sunday morning. It was perfect, all was well.

I was reading about the wind in my book and then all of a sudden there was a strong gust of wind picking up outside my house and I could hear the wind howling through our window. Creepy!

Cinnamon instantly started going bark, bark, bark. She’s like what the heck was that?

After that happened, I jumped out of my sockets, and said, “Ah, Cinnamon, it’s just the wind go back to sleep! You scared the crap out of me ya know that?”

That didn’t calm her down one bit.

When I got up to see what was going on outside, I saw her sitting extremely close to the door, laying in between her favorite squeak toys of all time, with her head popped up. Talk about the ultimate cuddle spot! She looked so cute!


When I went closer to her, she was not relaxing at all. In fact, she had this funny look on her face, like what’s going on, what’s going on? Poor baby!

IMG_20151122_115240-1It was so funny! The look on her face was priceless! She still had no idea she was barking at the wind! She probably thought there was another annoying guy putting some kind of ad on our door again and didn’t want them to. She hates those guys! Haha She’s always barking at them when they come by! It’s hilarious!

Then, I looked out the window and saw how crazy the wind had been; blowing the trees everywhere. It looked like there was a crazy hurricane outside and I could hear the howling noises coming through the window. We hadn’t had a huge gust of wind like that in a long time, no wonder Cinnamon freaked out! She’s not used to it yet, well actually I don’t think she ever will be used to that!

I used to freak out like this too when I was younger. It was funny, one second it would be completely silent and peaceful outside and the next second strong gusts of wind that matches the likes of a hurricane or a tornado hits the house. It was the howling part that scared me the most though, so I can see why Cinnamon barked, too. It gave me the chills back then and it still does now!

IMG_20151107_122918Now, Cinnamon is finally relaxed next to me on the couch, sleeping all cuddly and cute with her face on top of my sister’s pillows while I’ve been writing this blog. Haha I just know that won’t last very long. I still haven’t gotten back to reading the rest of my book, which ironically is about the wind, haha and I just know Cinnamon is gonna start barking and running towards the door again if the wind howls like crazy and hits the door. It’s gonna be a long blustery day!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Can’t wait til Thanksgiving!