Cinnamon, the New Christmas Decoration, & the Red Confetti Fiasco

Last night, my sister bought this really cool Christmas decoration to put outside. It has a white dog with a cute santa hat on top of it’s head and a red sparkly dog house right behind it. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The dog reminds me of Cinnamon haha and it was so realistic, it looked like a real dog, but the white dog was a bit taller than her. Cinnamon didn’t seem to care that it was sitting down on the floor.

While my sister was trying to put the doghouse part together, she was sitting on the floor, I was sitting on the couch cuddling with Cinnamon, and my mom was in the kitchen trying to make dinner, which smelled pretty good by the way!IMG_20151205_165934-1

Cinnamon kept staring at my sister from the couch wondering what the heck she was doing with that thing either that or she was jealous that my sister was doing something else on the ground instead of cuddling with her!


Later, I went down to see if I could help my sister build it, but I didn’t do any better than she did (I’m no good at these kinds of things haha) She couldn’t get the screws in and neither could I. Why do they have to make these things so complicated?

While we sat there, I looked down at my sister’s pants and saw that there were all these red things all over her, so I said, “Wow, Emily look at your pants!”

She said, “Yeah, I’m covered in red confetti!”

I joked around saying, “The doghouse must shed!”

She answered, “No kidding!”

It really did shed. I mean seriously, it was all over the carpet and all over my hands the second I touched it! My mom was gonna have a field day with that! I’ve never seen so much red on the carpet before in my life.

While we were talking about that, Cinnamon jumped from the couch and came right up to me, gave me this angry look on her face like what are you doing, why’d you leave the couch? And then, she nudged my hand with her stubby nose, begging for some head rubs. I was like Cinnamon I’m busy right now ok, you just got some cuddles 2 seconds ago! She is so spoiled! Haha Silly nut!

Cinnamon was so sad and depressed when I said that to her, then she looked around and saw all the sparkly red stuff on the ground and was like ooh, what is that? Then, she started biting some of it, crunch, crunch, crunch.

I noticed what she was doing, tried to stop her, and said, “Ew, Cinnamon that’s nasty! You can’t eat those things! Trust me, if you do don’t come running to me when you feel like crap tomorrow!”

My sister and I finally put the dog decoration outside and now it’s sitting in the grass in front of our house. It is so cute!


I guess Cinnamon didn’t take my advice cus the next morning, when I woke up at 8:30 am, finally from a good’s night sleep, I walked downstairs slowly trying to wake up, and my mom was there.

I said good morning to her like always and then as I was about to walk to the kitchen to have some toast, my mom said, “Paula, you will not believe what Cinnamon did this morning!”

I looked at her, half-asleep and half-awake, feeling like a zombie, wondering what she was talking about, and then, I said, “What? What did she do?”

Then, my mom said, “Well when I was walking Cinnamon this morning there was red stuff all over her poop! It was disgusting!”

When she said that I couldn’t stop laughing! I looked over at Cinnamon and said, “Cinnamon, ew, you’re nasty! I told you not to eat that stuff!”

After I said that, Cinnamon was sleeping in a teensie little ball right in the middle of the couch, and then, she popped her head up, and shot me this look like I didn’t do anything, Paula I swear!

Cinnamon must’ve had a red confetti party without us last night. She did disappear during dinner last night! No wonder she pooped confetti this morning, she must’ve eaten a few of them! Yuck!

Guess she’ll eat anything these days! Why can’t she just stick to eating her regular dog food instead?