Cinnamon’s Merry Christmas Morning

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been sick lately, but I’m back and finally feeling better.  Cinnamon and I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Today she was cuddling with me! It was so cute, she was upstairs with my mom and then all of a sudden she ran down the stairs as fast as her legs could carry her, jumped up on the couch with her springy legs, and got super close to my legs and started sleeping next to

I was on my computer when she did that, so I looked down at her, and said, “Aw, Cinnamon you little stinker! You wanna cuddle with me?” She got closer to me when I said that like, yes, yes, yes!

She’s like a bunny rabbit, she was such a mush-face. She melts right into me, all warm and cuddly, it makes me never want to get off the couch haha

photo-11Earlier, she was doing the same thing, but with Olaf! We were all watching the Disney Parade on TV, so then out of nowhere Cinnamon came up to the couch and started getting all comfy with her new Olaf squeek toy. The next thing I know, all the Frozen characters popped on the screen, including Olaf. It was so random! I guess Cinnamon really wanted to watch it with her new fav toy that she’s been playing with for the past couple of days. She’s like I need a spot on the couch quick next to Olaf. She was so cute! It’s also funny cus my mom is a huge fan of Frozen, too!

Cinnamon’s been cuddling with that Olaf toy so much ever since we got it for her a few days ago, i don’t think she’ll ever leave it! I think that is exactly the kind of thing she needs.

After my sister and I opened our presents this morning, I put my Just Dance 16 game next to me on the couch while I opened some more presents. The next thing i know, she’s making a pillow out of that, too!

IMG_20151225_102539I started busting out laughing and then I said, “Gee, Cinnamon you wanna dance?”

Oh, and since we already gave Cinnamon an early Christmas present, we decided to give Cinnamon some of her favorite popper dog treats (with bacon and cheese of course!) today. Boy was she in heaven when she saw those babies! She didn’t get just one of them today, or even 2, she got 3! My sister usually just gives her a treat like that at night after my mom takes Cinnamon on a walk, but this time she got the mother-load! So, after that, she was one happy pup! She’s like oh yeah, that hit the spot!

Happy Holidays!!!! Later tonight my sister, mom, and I are planning on going to my grandma’s house for Christmas! It’s gonna be fun! Can’t wait!